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Growth Accelerator

Helping clients to diagnose growth opportunities, create a transformation road map, and execute the strategy

Today’s pharmaceutical and medical-product companies are finding it harder and harder to achieve growth. External shifts in the market environment and internal barriers (such as traditional mind-sets and siloed functions) are making it more difficult than ever to meet prelaunch forecasts and gain market share.

Growth Accelerator is an integrated approach to diagnosing the barriers for growth, designing strategic interventions, and implementing those initiatives.

About Growth Accelerator

Proven methodology

Growth Accelerator methodology is based on McKinsey’s experience in driving thousands of transformations. By leveraging those best practices—along with our team’s deep industry knowledge and understanding of commercial operations—Growth Accelerator applies a proven approach for creating significant bottom-line impact.

Holistic approach

By concentrating on all aspects of brand performance, Growth Accelerator allows clients to capture synergistic effects across initiatives. Through extensive assessments and proprietary benchmarking, Growth Accelerator identifies growth opportunities for every part of the organization.

Unparalleled speed

Thanks to new technologies, automation, and streamlined processes, Growth Accelerator can run a complete diagnostic, a process that would typically require several months, in six weeks. Our team constantly works to find ways to streamline each area of the process to ensure that clients realize impact as quickly as possible.


increase in revenue growth


points higher growth rate


Growth Accelerator uses a three-phase methodology for revealing blind spots and uncovering untapped growth opportunities:


Growth Accelerator assesses brand performance across five dimensions to identify growth opportunities and determine the ability to execute on those initiatives. Through this holistic approach, Growth Accelerator can measure the engagement’s potential impact and identify the requirements needed to capture those opportunities.

Transformational design

The Growth Accelerator team collaborates with clients to prioritize the growth levers identified in the diagnosis phase and create action plans for delivering on those initiatives. These implementation plans include timelines and performance metrics to ensure that effort is spent on high-value initiatives and that activities are sequenced to the greatest effect.


The Growth Accelerator team sets up a transformation office to launch the new portfolio of initiatives, track the impact, and reassess priorities and resource allocation continually. Growth Accelerator leverages a combination of classroom learning, virtual courses, and on-the-job coaching to build the client’s capabilities and establish a test-and-learn approach. Our extensive set of proprietary change-management tools and offerings (such as McKinsey Academy, Change Navigator, and Wave) help accelerate initiative impact and secure the transformation’s success.