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Upgrading medtech commercial operations in China

– Growth in China’s buoyant medtech market is tapering as policy uncertainties persist. Five approaches to refocus commercial operations can help navigate these challenges.

Accelerating customer-centric innovation in medtech

– Investing in understanding the needs of customers and the healthcare ecosystem in the early stages of innovation can boost performance and reduce the risk of failure.

Top ten observations from 2022 in life sciences digital and analytics

– Life sciences companies are making progress in adopting and deploying digital and analytics. But they can go further and faster by heeding some lessons from the past few years.

How Daiichi Sankyo Europe drives growth with digital and analytics

– Digital and analytics can markedly improve life sciences companies’ engagement with customers. Daiichi Sankyo Europe’s CEO Jan Van Ruymbeke explains the challenges to adopting digital and analytics and how his company overcame them.

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