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Mohammad Behnam
Partner, Vancouver
Leverages extensive education and work experience in the medical-device and life-science sectors to help global medical device...
Jason Bello
Partner, Washington DC
Helps healthcare organizations build new businesses, bring healthcare innovations to market, and dramatically improve growth and...
Vikas Bhadoria
Senior Partner, Gurugram
Leads the Life Sciences Practice for India and the PMP Operations Practice in Asia. Has deep expertise in helping local and global...
Stefan Biesdorf
Partner, Munich
Serves clients from the healthcare sector on digital and technology-related projects as a member of McKinsey’s Digital and Analytics...
Siddhartha Chadha
Partner, New York
Advises and serves medical-device and pharmaceutical companies on growth strategies, performance transformation, and at-scale...
Josh Copp
Partner, Bay Area
Serves leaders in the medical device and medical products sectors, focusing on optimizing the portfolio while boosting R&D and...
Karsten Dalgaard
Senior Partner, Stockholm
Advises life sciences companies on performance-transformation, productivity, growth-strategy, and commercial-excellence topics
Martin Dewhurst
Senior Partner, London
Brings over 25 years of experience helping pharmaceutical, medtech, and consumer companies develop growth strategies and drive...
Sherina Ebrahim
Senior Partner, New Jersey
Helps consumer goods and medical device companies grow through transformative approaches to strategy, sales and marketing, enterprise...
Tony Gambell
Partner, Chicago
Brings deep expertise to operations performance transformations with a particular passion for manufacturing organizations operating...
Katy George
Senior Partner and Chief People Officer, New Jersey
Oversees all people functions across the firm, including diversity and inclusion, and leads client transformation and research...
Jake Henry
Senior Partner, Chicago
Leads McKinsey’s global work in medtech, and serves leading medical technology companies as they set strategy, pursue growth opportunities,...
Minyoung Kim
Partner, Tokyo
Brings global insight to healthcare and technology organizations, having served multinational and local companies in Japan, Korea,...
Chris Llewellyn
Senior Partner, London
Leads our work globally in the life sciences, biopharma, medical products and health technology spaces
Evgeniya Makarova
Partner, Chicago
Serves pharmaceutical, medical-device, and consumer companies as well as regulators on operational improvement, transformation,...
Thomas Nilsson
Partner, Stockholm
Delivers impactful, user-centric product, service, and digital design expertise across healthcare, specifically within medical...
Daisuke Nozaki
Senior Partner, Tokyo
Supports clients primarily on large-scale transformations, working side by side with the client’s leadership; advises on strategy...
Rajesh Parekh
Senior Partner, Bay Area
Serves leading biopharmaceuticals and medical products companies on corporate strategy, R&D strategy and transformation, commercial...
Gerti Pellumbi
Senior Partner, Washington DC
Advises medical device, specialty pharmaceuticals, and pharmaceutical services companies across strategic, operational, organizational,...
Nils Peters
Senior Partner, Zurich
Supports innovators in biopharmaceutical and medical devices with a broad range of challenges, from shaping portfolios to transforming...
Michele Raviscioni
Senior Partner, Tokyo
Co-leads McKinsey's Asia Life Sciences practice, coordinating the firm's activity in the pharmaceutical, medical technology, payor,...
Max Schlichter
Partner, London
Designs and leads supply-chain transformations for pharmaceutical, consumer-goods, agriculture, and chemical clients
Ben Sheppard
Partner, London
Ben leads McKinsey Design in EMEA and the firm's global research on design. He advises clients on creating bold new products and...
Michael Silber
Senior Partner, New York
Serves clients in life sciences and private equity and leads global social responsibility and ESG for McKinsey
Tobias Silberzahn
Partner, Berlin
Has dedicated his career to advancing health and wellbeing. Serves healthcare and life sciences organizations with a focus on...
Shail Thaker
Senior Partner, London
Leads McKinsey’s Northern European hub of the Life Sciences Practice and the firm’s global healthcare organisation and enterprise...
Steve Van Kuiken
Senior Partner, New Jersey
Uses technology solutions to help organizations transform their operational performance and respond to market disruptions
Christian Zerbi
Partner, London
Leads McKinsey’s medtech work across Europe and serves medical-device clients on strategy, commercial excellence, and transformation...