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Katy George

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Leads client transformation and research around technology-enabled operations and manufacturing. Is a member of McKinsey’s Shareholders Council, the global governance board, and our leadership team, known as the Acceleration Team, as the Chief People Officer, overseeing all people functions across the firm, including diversity and inclusion.

About Katy

During 25 years with McKinsey, Katy has focused on operational performance improvement, operations strategy linked to business strategy, and operating model design.

Katy’s work includes programs around product launch, manufacturing network configuration and plant performance, end-to-end sourcing and supply chain optimization, and quality-system effectiveness. She has worked with companies in digitizing their sales and marketing approaches as well as their operations, making technology-platform decisions, and transforming organization structures. As the fourth industrial revolution gathers pace, her expertise in automation and digital platforms is guiding the firm’s knowledge on the future of work and the capability building required as more organizations adopt advanced technologies.

In recent years, Katy has focused on advanced technology development and adoption and the workforce development required to capture the value from these new technologies. She coleads McKinsey’s partnership with MxD, a 250-member consortium of leading government academic and corporate organizations. Her industry experience includes work in the pharmaceutical, medical-device, consumer-goods, and aerospace industries. All of her work includes a focus on capability building to support sustained performance improvement.

As part of the McKinsey Global Institute, Katy has coauthored several pieces of research, including most recently “Making it in America: Revitalizing US manufacturing” and “Harnessing automation for a future that works,” and has also contributed pieces for Harvard Business Review. She is a frequent speaker at events and conferences on topics in advanced manufacturing technology including workforce adoption and capability building, digital manufacturing management, the role of advanced analytics in manufacturing, and regional manufacturing competitiveness.

Prior to joining McKinsey, Katy worked as an associate analyst at an economic consulting firm. Her doctoral work focused on production system design and supply-chain improvements in assembly industries. Katy works actively with Episcopal Relief & Development, an international relief and development agency.

Published work

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Past Experience

National Economic Research Associates
Associate analyst


Harvard University
PhD, business economics

Oberlin College
BS, economics and government