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Ben Sheppard


Leads McKinsey & Company’s Product Development and Design practices in the United Kingdom. Advises clients on developing bold, creative and profitable products. Founded the London Design-to-Value lab


Ben has worked with senior leaders of over thirty of the world’s largest companies: leading innovation, design and development on everything from jet engines to cars, from medical devices to coffee machines. The combined impact is billions of dollars in new revenue creation, and millions of users' lives improved.

He has often taken the co-CEO role of the new brand or product portfolio; growing it from rough concept to real business by assembling and leading McKinsey’s talent across research, design, engineering, manufacturing, project management and sales. A recent example was co-leading a disruptive new medical device start-up to improve tens of thousands of user lives. This included designing and developing physical devices, setting up a new robotic factory, as well as creating digital tools to improve clinician experience.

He has helped grow McKinsey’s design and development capabilities from their earliest stages to a global community of 400+ designers, 600+ engineers and several thousand design and development consultants, including acquisitions of LUNAR sand Veryday. He leads McKinsey's global research on design, as well as the Product Development and Design Practices in the UK. Together this community helps hundreds of clients design and launch world class products and services that delight customers, stand out from the competition and drive growth.

Ben co-founded and hosts the Chief Design Officers roundtable; a quarterly gathering of the world’s most senior design leaders, as a forum for global discussion on sustainable, inclusive growth. He also co-founded and chairs Design for Good, a non-profit alliance that aims to directly deliver measurable impact on society’s biggest challenges through global collaboration.


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