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Creating and accelerating critical advantages through cutting-edge strategy and operations


The aerospace and defense (A&D) industry is facing numerous challenges linked to an unforeseen pandemic, rapidly evolving technologies, and vulnerable supply chains. We help our clients push the boundaries in air and space and safeguard livelihoods through capabilities, technologies, and talent.

Our approach combines a deep understanding of industry dynamics with advanced analytics and an unparalleled network of experts. We work with clients to build internal capabilities, adopt digital and analytics tools, and transform work processes to improve their business in substantial, sustainable ways.

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Farnborough International Airshow

McKinsey proudly partnered with Farnborough International at the 2022 airshow to bring experts together addressing topics related to aviation, space, and defense technology.

How We Help Clients

Aftermarket & Services

Helping clients capture the aftermarket potential—the largest source of untapped value in aerospace and defense—by assessing the installed base opportunity, improving pricing, and optimizing operations.

Digital & Analytics

Helping clients tackle digital challenges and build sustainable, scalable solutions tailored to the A&D industry.


Working in partnership with aerospace and defense clients to develop unique strategies for evaluating potential targets, capturing value, and navigating the complex integration process.

Marketing & Sales

Helping A&D companies develop effective strategies for winning contracts with critical customers, contributing to stronger growth.

Next-Generation Productivity

Helping clients build the tech-enabled capabilities required to identify and capture a step change in profitability.

Strategy & Corporate Finance

Helping aerospace and defense companies achieve their strategic goals in a complex, competitive, and evolving landscape.

Talent & Capability Building

Helping A&D organizations create the right culture for their people, design the right structure, and attract and retain the right talent.


Changing trajectories through holistic interventions in performance, capabilities, and health.

Sectors we serve

Commercial aerospace

Our expertise spans all major aircraft equipment categories, including engines, aerostructures, avionics, landing gears, and interiors. We also work in partnership with McKinsey’s Center for Future Mobility to develop perspectives on trends shaping aviation, such as advanced air mobility solutions and future sustainable propulsion technologies.


Our clients are active across the spectrum of defense domains. Through our work, we have built expertise related to all major categories of platforms and associated equipment, including military aerospace, land systems, naval systems, space-based systems, as well as sensors and electronics. We also work with defense ministries, national security, and public-safety organizations to address their most pressing challenges.

Business and general aviation

We help companies in the business and general aviation market strive for operational improvement. We also provide assistance on key business challenges, such as accessing new customer segments, innovating business models, transforming product development, and improving customer support services.

Security and cybersecurity

We help incumbents and new entrants in the physical security and cybersecurity markets craft strategies to succeed. As the aerospace and defense industry relies on more connectivity technologies today, McKinsey Digital helps clients find solutions to secure and protect the industry’s technology backbone, mission-critical to the development, manufacture, operation, and maintenance of aerospace and defense equipment.


Over many years we have built strong relationships with companies across the space value chain, including launch providers, satellite builders, equipment providers, services companies, investors, and public sector institutions.


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Radar combines budgetary, market, and competitive data with powerful visualization and analytical tools to help your organization analyze the market effectively and make timely strategic decisions.

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