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The Center for Future Mobility’s mission is to help companies, investors, governments, and social sector entities transform the way they approach mobility in all its forms—making it easier, more sustainable, smarter, and cheaper for everyone.
The McKinsey Center for Future Mobility (MCFM) works with stakeholders across the mobility ecosystem by providing independent and integrated evidence about possible future-mobility scenarios in many forms: autonomous driving, e-mobility, shared mobility, and more. This research is a guide to action for individual, public, and private sector actors alike. We recognize that mobility must be more sustainable, smarter, safer, less expensive, and more convenient for everyone. Our focus is on easing the current and forthcoming shifts this inflection entails while identifying the tremendous opportunities being created by it.

Focus Areas


We work with our clients to reinvent and enrich the consumer experience when it comes to mobility, creating more seamless ground- and air-transportation options that are sustainable and improve the quality of life around the world.


Our aim is to help clients make quick, intelligent implementations in areas like autonomous-vehicle technology, connectivity, electrification, infrastructure enhancement, software, and many others.

Operating Environment

We support our clients and decision makers of all types with a tested, reliable fact base upon which successful, sustainable approaches can be built for future shared and e-mobility planning and action of all types.

Our capabilities

Consumer pulse check

Dynamic mobility user segmentation intelligence and foresight tool powered by continuous updates from around the world

Urban mobility twin

A digital “twin” for more than 2,000 cities in over 150 countries, featuring a unique mobility mix of ten transportation modes, population, demographics, and GDP, all driven by a scenario-simulation engine

Electrification radar

Sales and fleet electrification forecaster for tracking, monitoring new announcements and regulations, complete with a charging infrastructure simulator

Fleet decarbonization

A powerful aid for fleet owners making key decisions relating to decarbonization using zero- and low-emission vehicles; our fleet decarbonization tool aids this decision making while effectively managing costs

Mobility value chain analyzer

Value and profit pools broken down along the entire mobility value chain by mode for informing data monetization, finance, operations, and other digital services.

Mobility component database

A supplier portfolio estimator featuring over 100 components covering powertrain, electronics, software, chassis, interior, and exterior providing take-rates and revenue development for vital future transformation and related planning

Emissions assessment tool

Production and lifecycle emissions assessment tool for components and mobility usage supporting maximum fleet decarbonization and optimization

Battery design-to-insights

Understanding battery technology, chemistry, and cost forecasts are crucial to the changing mobility landscape; our proprietary tools reach deep into the component supply chain to provide the latest information for planning and decision making.

Featured Insights

How to make mobility better for everyone

Let's build future mobility. Together. The McKinsey Center for Future Mobility helps incumbents, disruptors, investors, cities, and NGOs to make mobility easier, smarter, sustainable and affordable for everyone.

The metaverse: Driving value in the mobility sector

– Although a fully immersive, interconnected metaverse remains years away, mobility stakeholders can already capture real business... value from the technologies designed to enable it.

Autonomous driving’s future: Convenient and connected

– By 2035, autonomous driving could create $300 billion to $400 billion in revenue. New research reveals what’s needed... to win in the fast-changing passenger car market.

Unlocking the industrial potential of robotics and automation

– Results from the 2022 McKinsey Global Industrial Robotics Survey reveal that industrial companies are set to spend heavily on... robotics and automation. However, many will need help to complete the journey.

Outlook on the automotive software and electronics market through 2030

– The automotive software and electronics market is poised for strong growth in the next decade. Our latest market projections offer... a glimpse into the industry’s future.

From sci-fi to reality: Autonomous driving in China

– New technologies and regulations have made autonomous driving possible. In this changing landscape, the strategic roles of manufacturers... may vary.

Where does shared autonomous mobility go next?

– Shared autonomous mobility is at a critical point, and five factors may determine how the market evolves and which companies succeed.

Getting to carbon-free commercial fleets

– Commercial transport operators can take action now to decarbonize their fleets and start to lower their total cost of ownership.

Sustainable infrastructure: The best ideas from the 2022 GII Summit

– Industry leaders gathered in Tokyo for the eighth Global Infrastructure Initiative Summit. Here are some of the best ideas across... the energy transition, digital and analytics, workforce development, and more.

Power spike: How battery makers can respond to surging demand from EVs

– As the auto market embraces electric vehicles, battery demand is soaring. Bold moves in gigafactory construction, supply chain... strategy, and talent acquisition can help industry players get ahead.

NIO unlocks its potential through standout user operations

– McKinsey sits with NIO’s president to discuss the logic behind its approach, its input–output economics, and the... implications for the industry.

Overcoming obstacles to the electrification of transportation

– In an interview at the M30 Mobility Summit, Navistar’s Michael Grahe shares his views on the latest developments in mobility.

Germany’s 9€ ticket: A potential solution for urban-mobility issues

– What could other countries learn from Germany’s current discounted flat rate travel pass to increase ridership on public... transit?

Supporting creators and innovators in the future of mobility

– In an interview at the M30 Mobility Summit, Morgan Stanley’s Regina Savage shares her views on the latest developments in... mobility.

Business mobility payments: On the road to change

– Five major trends are affecting business mobility payments. Adapting to a changing technological environment and customer needs... can help companies win in this emerging ecosystem.

Unlocking the growth opportunity in battery manufacturing equipment

– Surging demand for battery cells gives rise to an opportunity for European machinery and equipment manufacturers to supply emerging... gigafactories.

Reimagining Mobility

How we experience mobility is poised to change profoundly—a “horses to cars”-sized shift that will reverberate across... business and society for generations. Some implications are predictable, others unknowable. Yet one thing is certain: mobility’s future will be shaped by developments along four dimensions: cars, consumers, cities, and competition.

Featured Publication

The Titanium Economy

How industrial technology can create a better, faster, stronger America

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