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Partnering with industry disrupters and traditional mobility companies, we are on the leading edge of mobility innovation and technology research. Our aim is to help clients make quick, intelligent implementations in areas like autonomous-vehicle technology, connectivity, electrification, infrastructure enhancement, software, and many others.
Given the oversized role of technology in future mobility, we draw upon broad, deep expertise in tying these pieces together. From supply chain through design and implementation, our research and service in this domain ensure that the best thinking and latest tech are brought into the service of environmental, social, and commercial goals.

1 in 3

new cars

expected to have advanced (L3+) assistance systems by 2035


electric models

have been announced by OEMs through 2025


has been invested in future air-mobility initiatives

Examples of our work

Helping a premium OEM develop its connected services proposition

We identified the market potential of €4 billion across more than 25 connected services use cases. This was bolstered by a “willingness to pay” analysis for such services, zeroing in on key desired features that were then validated across 120 customer B2C and B2B OEMs. The final output was an implementation plan with ambitious timelines to start roll-out and monetization immediately.

Developing a technology strategy for a tier-1 automotive supplier in e-mobility

Delivering a detailed market and OEM-sourcing analysis, we developed a technology portfolio strategy for this component’s manufacturer. This included a product and development roadmap along with a clear phase-out plan for “likely-to-sunset” products, in addition to diversification options and potential M&A areas to bolster support of the growing e-mobility market.

Featured insights

Electric vehicles: The next growth engine in chemicals

– A paradigm shift in automotive purchasing linked to the electric-vehicle transition is creating a major growth opportunity for... chemical companies.

The road to affordable autonomous mobility

– Robo-taxis promise affordable mobility. But with widely varying service costs across use cases and geography, providers must address... operational and service issues to realize that promise.

What’s next for autonomous vehicles?

– A recent McKinsey survey provides new insight into... the future of autonomous vehicles, including those with advanced capabilities.

The Next Normal – The future of air mobility: Electric aircraft and flying taxis

– Look! Up in the sky! Not a bird … or a plane … it’s an eVTOL! An eVTOL (pronounced “ee-vee-tol”)... is an electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft—and thousands of them could be flying above cities by 2030. Hear McKinsey experts and industry pioneers describe what’s coming in the world of “advanced air mobility” (AAM) and how it could affect passengers, pilots, and our planet.

Electrifying the bottom line: How OEMs can boost EV profitability

– Electric-vehicle sales are increasing, yet many OEMs are still defining their path toward profitability. Our new report helps... automotive leaders improve their EV business strategy.

Automotive semiconductors for the autonomous age

– The rise of autonomous vehicles is shifting demand for automotive chips and prompting OEMs to consider in-house design. How could... this reconfigure value chains across industries?

Focus Areas


We work with our clients to reinvent and enrich the consumer experience when it comes to mobility, creating more seamless ground- and air-transportation options that are sustainable and improve the quality of life around the world.

Operating Environment

We support our clients and decision makers of all types with a tested, reliable fact base upon which successful, sustainable approaches can be built for future shared and e-mobility planning and action of all types.

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