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We work with our clients to reinvent and enrich the consumer experience when it comes to mobility by creating more seamless ground and air transportation options that are sustainable and improve the quality of life around the world.
This means providing an understanding of dynamic consumer mobility needs and expectations in a manner that’s understandable and drawn from a combination of both broadly sourced and proprietary data. Our research and services here cut across industries and geographies and provide our clients with the confidence to act decisively.


of commuters

would prefer to use micromobility (bikes, scooters, etc.) over cars for their daily commute


of car buyers

are interested buying their next car online, which would mean significant changes for the auto-selling industry


of consumers in China

would change car brand for better connectivity

Examples of our work

Rethinking the cabin experience for a leading interior manufacturer

Starting with a diagnosis of future trends to identify both where and how to interact—such as future revenue pools, and positions in the ecosystem—we benchmarked existing product roadmaps against current best-in-class, concluding with a capability assessment that tailored the product portfolio for future differentiation and investment.

Identifying the impact of autonomous vehicles on insurance claims and revenue

Recognizing the dislocation that autonomous vehicles present for insurers, we provided a robust assessment of their impact on claims and revenue for providers by using our future mobility claims database, which integrates existing benchmark data with our own proprietary analytics. Going beyond the critical, expected claim impacts, we were able to identify potential new products and insights to prepare for the future of mobility in its many forms, including those spanning automated ground and air mobility.

Assisting a fuel retailer on informing its new mobility strategy around electric vehicle bundles

Drawing upon our on-demand mobility consumer insights capability, we built a model for market electric vehicle (EV) fuels to inform the client on the prioritization of potential growth opportunities. We deployed a localized consumer survey with deep user segmentation and quantified the desired consumer benefits and associated opportunities for EV-bundle products.

Featured insights


Consumer sentiment and behavior continue to reflect the uncertainty of the COVID-19 crisis

– As consumers around the globe adjust to the next normal, there is significant variance in consumer sentiment and behaviors across countries.

The e-kickscooter takes to the road: Understanding consumer-ownership preferences

– As e-kickscooters gain popularity, more consumers are opting for private ownership. How will this affect shared-mobility providers?

Why micromobility is here to stay

– A new McKinsey survey suggests that consumers are open to micromobility solutions, but uptake will vary by country.

The new key to automotive success: Put customer experience in the driver’s seat

– Customer experience has replaced hardware engineering prowess as carmakers’ critical battleground. Here’s how incumbent... brands can effect a bold, fast transformation.

Asia’s consumers on the move: The future of mobility

– Economic growth and shifting consumer values are transforming the opportunities in Asia for players in the automotive industry.... Three recommended actions are keys to success in this new environment.

Focus areas


Our aim is to help clients make quick, intelligent implementations in areas like autonomous-vehicle technology, connectivity, electrification, infrastructure enhancement, software, and many others.

Operating Environment

We support our clients and decision makers of all types with a tested, reliable fact base upon which successful, sustainable approaches can be built for future shared and e-mobility planning and action of all types.

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