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The road to affordable autonomous mobility

– Robo-taxis promise affordable mobility. But with widely varying service costs across use cases and geography, providers must address operational and service issues to realize that promise.

Road freight global pathways report

– Freight transport is responsible for a high percentage of vehicle emissions. Substantial reductions will require a greater focus... on medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

What’s next for autonomous vehicles?

– A recent McKinsey survey provides new insight into the future of autonomous vehicles, including those with advanced capabilities.

Mobility’s rebound: An industry recovers, but where is it heading?

– Although the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, mobility has returned to precrisis levels. But the industry faces changes in... consumer preferences, technology, and regulation.

The e-kickscooter takes to the road: Understanding consumer-ownership preferences

– As e-kickscooters gain popularity, more consumers are opting for private ownership. How will this affect shared-mobility providers?

Why micromobility is here to stay

– A new McKinsey survey suggests that consumers are open to micromobility solutions, but uptake will vary by country.

Final approach: How airports can prepare for advanced air mobility

– Advanced air mobility is becoming a reality. Airport operators need to assess the opportunity and integrate it into their planning.

The new key to automotive success: Put customer experience in the driver’s seat

– Customer experience has replaced hardware engineering prowess as carmakers’ critical battleground. Here’s how incumbent... brands can effect a bold, fast transformation.

The Next Normal – The future of air mobility: Electric aircraft and flying taxis

– Look! Up in the sky! Not a bird … or a plane … it’s an eVTOL! An eVTOL (pronounced “ee-vee-tol”)... is an electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft—and thousands of them could be flying above cities by 2030. Hear McKinsey experts and industry pioneers describe what’s coming in the world of “advanced air mobility” (AAM) and how it could affect passengers, pilots, and our planet.

Advanced air mobility in 2030

– In this video, three McKinsey experts on aerospace and mobility describe a future in which electric flying vehicles are a safe,... affordable, and sustainable way to travel.

Rideshares in the sky by 2024: Joby Aviation bets big on air taxis

– Joby executive Bonny Simi sees a future in which aerial ridesharing is popular, traveling between rural and urban areas is quick... and easy, and the pilot workforce is much more diverse.

Will VoloCity transform urban transportation?

– Electric air taxis such as VoloCity, made by Germany’s Volocopter, are poised to revolutionize not just city travel but... also the global mobility industry, says CEO Florian Reuter.
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