Our Insights on Future Mobility


Why the automotive future is electric

– Mainstream EVs will transform the automotive industry and help decarbonize the planet.

Car buying is on again, and mobility is picking up

– Consumers are back to buying cars, but they’re doing it differently. And they’re gradually getting back on the road,... whether by car or other means.

Implications of the ‘energy transition’ across the machinery value chain

– End-market customer concerns about the environment and sustainability—fueled by stakeholder pressure—are prompting... the machinery industry to focus on energy transition across the value chain.

EV fluids: Say goodbye to the oil change

– With the rise of electric vehicles, the massive combustion engine fluids market will slowly begin to evaporate. Here’s what... will replace it.

The race to win: How automakers can succeed in a post-pandemic China

– A new McKinsey survey shows that Chinese consumers have drastically changed their vehicle preferences and car-buying habits in... the wake of COVID-19. How can OEMs adjust?

Shared mobility: Where it stands, where it’s headed

– Having weathered a pandemic, regulatory whiplash, and a host of other hurdles, shared mobility endures. Here’s where things... stand today.

Rewiring car electronics and software architecture for the ‘Roaring 2020s’

– Software will be what differentiates players in the automotive industry within a few years. Incumbents must make significant shifts... in technology, competitive dynamics, and talent.

Automotive semiconductors for the autonomous age

– The rise of autonomous vehicles is shifting demand for automotive chips and prompting OEMs to consider in-house design. How could... this reconfigure value chains across industries?
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

How the automotive industry is accelerating out of the turn

– While the early effects of the COVID-19 crisis presented a dip in the road, car sales and production are roaring back. Trends... that have been long in coming point to significant changes ahead.

How hydrogen combustion engines can contribute to zero emissions

– Hydrogen combustion engines can leverage existing technologies and provide a zero-emissions option for specific use cases while... supporting the growth of hydrogen infrastructure.

Making infrastructure tech a reality in your portfolio

– ‘Infratech’ is now a viable asset class and an increasingly essential component of infrastructure investments and... operations. Investors and their operating companies need to prepare.
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