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Future mobility 2022: Hype transitions into reality

– Progress continued on many mobility fronts, even as challenges mounted.

Fleet decarbonization: How an expanding value chain could reshape freight

– Commercial road freight is trailing passenger vehicles on decarbonization. But the economic equation is shifting, with fueling... services and battery recycling emerging as battlegrounds for new opportunities.

Battery recycling takes the driver’s seat

– Electric-vehicle demand is accelerating rapidly and so is the need for EV batteries. As these batteries reach end-of-life, significant... growth opportunities in the recycling space are emerging.

Conversations in motion: Safe, autonomous driving for everyone

– In an interview at the M30 Mobility Summit, Cepton’s Hull Xu shares his views on the latest developments in mobility.

The race to decarbonize electric-vehicle batteries

– While electric vehicles are clean, their batteries are highly carbon intensive to produce. Leading manufacturers are moving fast... to try to fix that.

What is an EV?

– EVs are vehicles powered by electricity and an electric motor rather than a conventional gasoline-fueled internal-combustion engine.

Why the economics of electrification make this decarbonization transition different

– The economics of decarbonizing fleets are demonstrably viable. Now commercial transport operators need to identify the best way... to capture value.

Battery 2030: Resilient, sustainable, and circular

– Battery demand is growing—and so is the need for better solutions along the value chain.

Unlocking the industrial potential of robotics and automation

– Results from the 2022 McKinsey Global Industrial Robotics Survey reveal that industrial companies are set to spend heavily on... robotics and automation. However, many will need help to complete the journey.

Autonomous driving’s future: Convenient and connected

– By 2035, autonomous driving could create $300 billion to $400 billion in revenue. New research reveals what’s needed... to win in the fast-changing passenger car market.

The metaverse: Driving value in the mobility sector

– Although a fully immersive, interconnected metaverse remains years away, mobility stakeholders can already capture real business... value from the technologies designed to enable it.

Outlook on the automotive software and electronics market through 2030

– The automotive software and electronics market is poised for strong growth in the next decade. Our latest market projections offer... a glimpse into the industry’s future.
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