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Can the automotive industry scale fast enough?

– The rapidly increasing uptake of electric vehicles could transform the automotive ecosystem and promote even greater innovations. For that to happen, two imperatives need attention now.

Mastering the dual mission: Carbon and cost savings

– OEMs will need to move quickly to achieve their “dual-saving” ambition of reducing both total product emissions and... costs. A limited supply of low-carbon materials adds pressure to act now.

Quantum computing just might save the planet

– Exponentially more powerful machines could make possible major reductions in emissions, putting the goal of limiting global warming... within reach.

Winning in software for industrial companies

– A new compendium compiles articles that can help industrial companies excel in software by improving strategy, operational excellence,... and talent acquisition and retention.

Navigating America’s net-zero frontier: A guide for business leaders

– The US government has a goal: net-zero emissions by 2050. Our analysis maps out a pathway to this net-zero frontier—and the growth... opportunities that $27 trillion of capital spending could create.

Unlocking the growth opportunity in battery manufacturing equipment

– Surging demand for battery cells gives rise to an opportunity for European machinery and equipment manufacturers to supply emerging... gigafactories.

Mobility’s net-zero transition: A look at opportunities and risks

– A transition to net-zero emissions would entail much greater demand for electric vehicles. McKinsey analysis shows how the shift... could create opportunities and risks for automakers around the world.

Seizing green business growth for Asia’s energy players

– Globally, sustainable energy and low-carbon solutions top national and corporate agendas. For regional energy players, the time... to commit to new, planet-friendly ventures is now.

Amid disruption, automotive suppliers must reimagine their footprints

– Technology, sustainability, and the era of electric vehicles are complicating location decisions for automotive suppliers.

Building the electric-vehicle charging infrastructure America needs

– The United States needs many more EV-charging stations—and federal funds for them are coming. Seven principles could help... US states and companies accelerate this buildout effectively.

Net-zero emissions in US government fleets

– Through its use of electric vehicles, the US government stands to serve as a role model for accelerating progress in the electrification... journey and reaching net-zero commitments.

Delivering the climate technologies needed for net zero

– Developing and deploying climate technologies is critical for the world’s net-zero agenda. Growth could await businesses willing... to innovate quickly and to collaborate across value chains.
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