Our People

Philipp Kampshoff
Senior PartnerHouston
Leads the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility in the Americas
Kersten Heineke
Coleads the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility and serves clients across the automotive industry, incumbent industries, mobility...
Timo Möller
Coleads the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility with a focus on the strategic and operational questions around disruptive trends;...
Emily Shao
PartnerBay Area
Pioneers the transition to the future of mobility, navigating organizations through disruptions in technology, business models,...
Swarna Ramanathan
Helps drive McKinsey’s work in integrated future mobility, serving clients in the transport, oil and gas, and energy sectors...
Dr. Ruth Heuss
Senior PartnerBerlin
As global leader of McKinsey Sustainability, serves companies in the automotive and machinery industries on future mobility,...
Michele Bertoncello
Advises clients in the automotive and assembly sector on strategy, marketing and sales, and innovation issues
Andreas Breiter
PartnerBay Area
Helps clients optimize capital expenditures and material costs while addressing the opportunities ahead as mobility becomes more...
Seunghyuk Choi
Advises advanced industries clients from the automotive and high-tech space on pursuing strategic-business transformations with...
Russell Hensley
Co-leads the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility in the Americas
Patrick Hertzke
Drives impact for automotive and industrial clients in a variety of areas, including strategy, marketing, and product development,...
Benedikt Kloss
Associate PartnerFrankfurt
Driving future ground mobility and advanced air mobility topics with organizations across the whole mobility ecosystem
Simon Middleton
Serves clients on disruptive strategy and operational transformations, with a particular focus in the automotive and industrials...
Robin Riedel
PartnerBay Area
Co-leads the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility
Shivika Sahdev
PartnerNew York
Leader in the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility serving clients on navigating disruptions relating to electric-mobility. She...
Patrick Schaufuss
Supports automotive clients in the transition to zero-emission mobility across the entire ecosystem from raw materials to suppliers,...
Tobias Schneiderbauer
Serves global automotive and mobility companies on technology disruptions and the shift towards lifecycle products and services;...
Takehito Sumikawa
Senior PartnerTokyo
Drives company-wide transformations, digital/operation transformations and systematic new business creation projects of global...
Andreas Tschiesner
Senior PartnerMunich
Advises companies on strategic questions and challenges related to technology and innovation, with a key focus on large-scale...
Ting Wu
Serves global automotive and components companies with extensive experience serving global automakers and suppliers