Our People

Our people



Michele Bertoncello
Partner, Milan
Advises clients in the automotive and assembly sector on strategy, marketing and sales, and innovation issues
Eric Hannon
Partner, Frankfurt
Serves global automotive and mobility companies as a core leader of our Automotive & Assembly Practice and leads our global urban-mobility...
Kersten Heineke
Partner, Frankfurt
Leads the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility in Europe, focusing on connected cars, autonomous driving, and shared mobility,...
Anna Herlt
Partner, Munich
Advises companies as they seek to optimize the value of their research and development investments, particularly within the automotive...
Dr. Ruth Heuss
Senior Partner, Berlin
As global leader of McKinsey Sustainability, serves companies in the automotive and machinery industries on future mobility, decarbonization...
Matthias Kässer
Partner, Munich
Coleads the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility, advises clients on artificial intelligence, mobility, and digital issues, and...
Detlev Mohr
Senior Partner, Tokyo
Leads McKinsey's Travel, Logistics & Infrastructure Practice, codevelops firm thinking on future mobility, and works with leading...
Nicolai Müller
Senior Partner, Cologne
Brings extensive automotive industry expertise—helping clients with transformation programs, strategy and organizational initiatives,...
Tomas Nauclér
Senior Partner, Stockholm
As global leader of McKinsey Sustainability, helps companies and governments develop strategies grounded on a fact-based understanding...
Swarna Ramanathan
Associate Partner, London
Helps drive McKinsey’s work in integrated future mobility, serving clients in the transport, oil and gas, and energy sectors adapt...
Dennis Schwedhelm
Senior Expert, Munich
Supports strategic transformations of mobility companies and coleads the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility’s work on the changing...
Christer Tryggestad
Senior Partner, Oslo
A leader of our global Electric Power and Natural Gas (EPNG) and Oil and Gas (O&G) Practices; also leads the Knowledge Committee...

MCFM Advisory Group

The MCFM Advisory Group assembles current and former leaders from the automotive and technology industries who are recognized as thought-leaders on future mobility.

Dr. Bernd Bohr

10+ years as chairman of the Bosch Automotive Group
Vice chairman of the board of governors of Aachen University
Former member of the advisory board of Daimler

Mr. Eugenio Razelli

15+ years as managing director and general manager of Magneti Marelli
Former chief operating officer, components, at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Mr. Erik Jonnaert

Secretary general of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA)
Chairman of the steering committee of the European Automotive and Telecoms Alliance (EATA)

Dr. Christian Richter

Director, global automotive, at Google
Passionate about mobility start-ups

Prof. Dr. Thomas Weber

Member of Germany's National Platform Future of Mobility (NPM)
10+ years as chief technology officer of Daimler Cars

Mr. Carl-Erik Lagercrantz

Chairman of Northvolt
Former vice president and CEO positions, BT, Incell, Telenor, and Net4Mobility

Dr. Dominik Wichmann

13+ years as chief editor of the SZ-Magazine and Stern
Cofounder of the Looping Group

Dr. h.c. Hans-Olov Olsson

Vice chairman of the board of directors of Volvo Group
5+ years as president of Volvo Cars

Mr. Jack Cheng

19+ years as Ford's vice president, China, amongst other positions
Cofounder and retired executive vice president of NIO

Dr. Dr. h.c. Klaus Draeger

8+ years as chief technology officer and chief procurement officer of BMW
Member of the board of the Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation