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Timo Möller


Coleads the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility with a focus on the strategic and operational questions around disruptive trends; supports scale-ups and incumbents in transforming mobility businesses

Timo Möller is a partner in our Cologne office and has led several research projects and cocreated several assets in his time at the firm.

In his leadership role at the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility, Timo focuses on strategic and operational questions about the disruptive trends in the mobility industry: connectivity, autonomous driving, electrification, and shared mobility. He also follows the next-horizon trends and analyses the potential application of these technologies in the mobility ecosystem, e.g., applied AI, Cloud & Edge Computing.

In addition, he has experience in operations, mainly in procurement and product development. Recent examples of his work include the following:

  • shaping the growth strategy for a scale-up OEM focusing on vehicle efficiency
  • developing the go-to market approach and setting up the sales function for a new battery cell manufacturer
  • segmenting the customers for a disruptor luxury OEM
  • evaluating the implications of electrification for an automotive power-train supplier and deriving strategic actions
  • designing a digital-transformation program for a premium automotive OEM addressing changes driven by connectivity and big data
  • shaping an innovation road map of a tier 1 automotive supplier in the face of disruptive industry trends
  • developing business models to generate revenue from charging infrastructure
  • supporting a global investor on a joint-venture decision for a sensor company
  • assessing the future business implications of disruptions for a volume OEM
  • developing a lithium-ion battery pack market model for an investor
  • helping a global truck manufacturer develop a world-class procurement organization while capturing significant savings in materials cost
  • supporting the change program of an R&D department to get ready for the future workload

Timo is also a regular keynote speaker and panelist on major mobility conferences and is regularly interviewed by journalists across Europe regarding related industry topics.

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RWTH Aachen University
PhD, business administration

Technische Universität Darmstadt
Diploma, industrial engineering