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Robin Riedel

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Co-leads the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility

Robin co-leads the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility and its work in mobility disruptors in the Americas and is a global leader of the Disruptive Aerospace sector within McKinsey’s Aerospace & Defense Practice.

His work focuses on innovative topics in the aviation industry, including advanced air mobility, unmanned aerial systems, sustainable aviation, and super or hypersonic flight. This covers the entire value chain, which includes operators, aircraft manufacturers, part-and-service providers, airports, ground handlers, training organizations, regulators, and investors.

In this constantly evolving, competitive market, Robin leverages hands-on expertise and broad, cross-functional knowledge to support clients across the aviation industry by addressing strategic challenges, and capturing value and growth.

Examples of his recent client work include the following:

  • transforming the overall business, covering operations, commercial and headquarters areas, organization, culture, stakeholder management, and integration and carve-out management of multiple air carriers
  • developing growth strategies, including business model and network design, for multiple airlines and aviation businesses
  • advising investors in the due diligence process to acquire stakes in aviation assets, including airlines, leasing companies, and ground-handling providers
  • developing the services strategy, including market and capability assessments and inorganic growth-target scans for aerospace companies
  • redesigning customer experiences by creating brand-focused signature moments to differentiate a midsize network carrier in its market, and transforming key customer journeys for an aviation-services provider

Before joining McKinsey, Robin held department leadership roles in both the commercial and operations branches of a major airline. He is also a certified commercial airline pilot.

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Past Experience

Olympic Air
Airline pilot

Air Canada
Director, global baggage and ramp services
Director, business processes

Blue Wings
Airline pilot


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MS, aeronautics and astronautics
BS, aerospace engineering