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Optimizing the flow of people, goods, and associated services around the world

We help industry leaders accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth, focusing on long-term sustainability that safeguards the connections we rely on most.

The global economy depends on connection – fluid channels through which people and goods move across skies, roads, rails, oceans, and waterways with speed, safety, and efficiency. The growing sophistication and complexity of the travel, logistics, and infrastructure sectors has helped to fuel global economic growth, but it has also revealed vulnerabilities.

Industry leaders today face unprecedented challenges brought on by rapidly evolving technologies, an unforeseen pandemic, and an increased responsibility to keep our vital supply chains operational. We bring a deep understanding of how the travel, logistics, and infrastructure sectors work, and our extensive experience, advanced analytics, and unparalleled network of experts gives us a unique ability to turn threats into opportunities.

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Our approach


As the travel and logistics sectors grapple with an explosion of new data, our team of experts and industry veterans helps clients uncover the most impactful insights and establish future growth benchmarks. There are opportunities in times of transition, and we empower leaders to move beyond recovery to focus on bold new concepts, technologies and strategies that will unlock potential new territories, partnerships and revenue streams.

Operations, productivity, and resilience

The razor thin margins of the travel, logistics, and infrastructure industries cast an increased importance on management decisions. We carefully analyze the operations of our clients to help resolve inefficiencies, improve cost performance, identify areas for digital transformation and build structures that are fast, agile and sustainable.

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