Developing sustainable global strategies for the journey ahead
The unprecedented disruption to how we travel has created an urgent need to rethink transportation, accommodation, and hospitality. As industry standards and practices continue to evolve, there is an opportunity to incorporate new technologies and methodologies that will define a new era of modern travel.
We help travel leaders develop global strategies that can evolve to meet shifting traveler tastes, focusing on building internal processes and capabilities that form a more sustainable business model. By integrating digital and analytical tools and adopting new ways of working, we’re helping travel companies build resiliency for the future.

Sectors we serve


Provide broad-based support on operational, commercial, and service issues to more than half of the world’s top 25 airlines as well as many top maintenance and repair organizations, air cargo companies, and travel technology leaders.


Support hotel operators and owners, tour operators, food and beverage companies, resorts, and cruises, working with the largest hotel chains and travel operators in the United States, Europe, and China.

Passenger rail

Help railways create lasting value in a changing mobility market by optimizing routes and time tables, inventing lean maintenance concepts, applying digital workforce management, and transforming operations to gain new levels of customer satisfaction and financial efficiency.

Investors, governments, and technology companies

Support other market makers in the travel sector, advising on issues like private equity, portfolio optimization, tourism policy, economic development, and technology strategy.


travel and tourism projects

in the last five years



in more than 35 countries

What we do

Strategy and finance: Use proprietary tools to advise companies on how to position themselves to yield the best returns by testing, refining, and optimizing current business plans.

Commercial: Work with global leaders on revenue management, pricing and sales, focusing not just on technical levers, but also management infrastructure and people development.

Network: Model the impact of network changes, and help provide insight into the value brought by alliances and joint venture decisions.

Operations: Increase cost-efficiency across all available levers, including third-party procurement, labor productivity, and product definition.

Advanced analytics: Translate data into actionable insights to drive additional sales uplift and third-party revenue, while improving customer experience by anticipating needs.

Guest engagement: Improve digital journeys, digital marketing assets, channels, and campaigns, and use loyalty and analytics to optimize guest engagement and life cycle value.

Sustainability: Identify paths to sustainable performance, evaluating factors like decarbonization levers and options in aviation fuel.

Service design: Advise on design research, product design and improvements, loyalty, needs segmentation, customer service tracking – in both online and physical settings.