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Resource Cleansheet Solution

High emissions output and rising energy costs are prompting manufacturers to seek ways of offsetting both. McKinsey’s Resource Cleansheet Solution (RCS) can help companies achieve their goals by mapping a product or service’s cost and carbon dioxide footprint along its entire value stream and life cycle.

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McKinsey Machinery Benchmark

The McKinsey Machinery Benchmark (MMB) contains high quality data from over 70 major European machinery companies, covering the years 2013 through 2019. With the MMB, machinery companies can analyze their financial data to optimize performance, build resilience, and deliver on implementation goals.

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Value creation in industrials

– The industrials sector is vital to global economic health. What factors help top companies stand out from the pack and generate the greatest value?

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Industrials Leaders’ Summit 2022

The Industrials Leaders’ Summit convenes senior leaders to discuss key industrial-related trends, understand their effect on various industrial segments, and identify challenges and opportunities for market providers.

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