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Power Equipment

We help power equipment companies benefit from technological and operational advances, while managing market volatility and continually changing regulations.

The makers of power equipment and technology face a unique set of challenges. Energy prices continue to fluctuate. Renewables are gaining momentum, as a growing number of countries reconsider their energy use and mix. Regulations are much less fixed than in the past. Technology is evolving rapidly in some parts of the industry, while other parts are under pressure of commoditization. Unexpected players in analogous industries are becoming competitors. Our Industrial & Electronics Practice helps companies turn these strategic challenges into manageable transitions or opportunities. From power generation to storage, transmission and distribution, we support clients in all phases of the power supply chain:

  • Power generation. We advise the equipment firms that make gas and steam turbines, boilers, and related fossil fuel products. We also support nuclear and renewable energy – solar, wind, hydro, and biomass – equipment manufacturers. We serve established companies and startups on strategy and operations, among other topics. Our consultants and specialists have extensive experience in product teardowns, including a recent effort to optimize the cost of a 400-ton gas turbine.
  • Power storage. From well-established manufacturers of pumped hydro equipment to emerging players in the battery space, we advise a range of power storage technology firms. Our consultants have deep expertise in technological assessments of utility scale storage equipment, battery applications in mobility, and other timely topics. For example, we have developed a proprietary battery material database that details the attributes and value of competing technologies.
  • Power transmission and distribution. We work with the companies that develop power transmission and distribution products and systems -- such as, cables, transformers, switchgear -- and the solutions that support those products. We also advise the service providers that perform inspection and maintenance, migration and upgrades, network consults, and training. Our global presence uniquely positions us to support clients in developed and developing markets on topics ranging from updating electricity infrastructure and stabilizing the grid, to rural electrification and building a grid from scratch. In addition, our consultants and experts have perspectives on high voltage direct current systems, flexible AC transmission systems, high temperature superconducting cables, ultra high voltage transmission, and smart grids.

Recent examples of our work

  • We advised a wind turbine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) on how to transform its purchasing function. We supported the client in developing new category strategies, building and training a central sourcing excellence team and 50 cross-functional category teams, and establishing sourcing targets and a tracking methodology. The client is expected to save 15% on direct and indirect material costs.
  • We helped a leading industrial equipment OEM develop recommendations on how to improve the energy system in a European country. Drawing upon international case examples, the client wrote a report that addresses energy savings, supply, security, and stability. The client presented the report publicly and is contributing significantly to the country’s political and business conversation on energy.

Featured Experts

Harald Bauer

Senior Partner, EMEA, Frankfurt

Abhijit Mahindroo

Partner, Southern California

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