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Sal Arora

Partner, Atlanta
Brings deep expertise in service operations and supply chain for logistics clients, as well as broad client-service experience across the transportation sector

About Sal

Sal brings deep expertise in service operations and supply chain for logistics clients. He also has broad client-service experience across the transportation sector, including trucking, rail, shipping, and road fleets. He has led significant client transformations, generating bottom-line impact and building sustainable capabilities.

Examples of Sal’s recent client work include the following:

  • leading a comprehensive operational and commercial transformation for a prominent road-fleet company, with a focus on reducing direct labor cost through operational efficiencies, improving fleet-management practices, and pricing and revenue management
  • supporting a service-delivery transformation for a leading logistics and trucking company, redesigning core service-delivery elements such as routing, dispatch, and performance management
  • advising on a broad business transformation for a major fleet company anchored on organizational postmerger integration, procurement and operations, and sales generation
  • helping establish a broad operations transformation for a large shipping company, a significant portion of which was centered around change management and capability building
  • leading a fleet-optimization effort for a large pharmaceutical client, focused on developing a robust fleet cost base through interviews and observations to identify opportunities

Before joining McKinsey, Sal worked as a process engineer at multinational computer technology company, where he evaluated operations strategies for the global fulfillment model and managed large capital projects, which led to capacity, productivity, and quality gains.


Four forces to watch in trucking and rail freight,” McKinsey & Company, May 2017


Georgia Institute of Technology
MS, electrical and computer engineering, minor in management

Georgia Institute of Technology
BS, computer engineering