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Sal Arora
Senior Partner, Atlanta
Brings deep expertise in broad-based transformations for clients across the transportation and industrial sectors; global coleader...
Tom Bartman
Associate Partner, Miami
Guides transportation and logistics organizations on transforming omnichannel offerings and operations to win in the new distribution...
Eszter Beretzky
Senior Knowledge Expert, Brussels
Develops insightful logistics knowledge with a focus on post, parcel, and e-commerce organizations
Alberto Bettoli
Senior Partner, Rome
Advises airline, aerospace, and machinery organizations in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the United States on growth...
Dilip Bhattacharjee
Partner, Chicago
Brings the power of advanced analytics to improve the operational performance of companies in highly networked industries, resulting...
Riccardo Boin
Partner, Milan
Advises global travel, logistics, and infrastructure organizations on strategy, commercial, and capital-expenditure deployment...
Danielle Bozarth
Senior Partner, New York
Brings more than 20 years of experience serving a broad set of B2C companies, including in travel, logistics, consumer, and retail
Margaux Constantin
Partner , Dubai
Leads the firm’s work for the tourism sector, serving clients all over the world to tackle challenges from aspiration and strategy-setting...
Alex Cosmas
Partner, New York
Helps travel and logistics companies capture real value from data science and artificial intelligence
Melissa Dalrymple
Partner, Chicago
Brings design thinking to business strategy, defining and scaling meaningful customer experiences that increase customer satisfaction...
Alex Dichter
Senior Partner, Boston
Helps airlines, airline-services companies, and aerospace firms develop profitable strategies and improve global operations
Mike Doheny
Senior Partner, Atlanta
Transforms performance for consumer and logistics companies, driving growth and productivity to improve financial performance
Travis Fagan
Senior Partner, Austin
Advises travel, logistics, and infrastructure organizations on topics including operations-performance transformation, business...
Sebastián Giménez
Partner, Madrid
Advises commercial airlines and airports on topics including strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring
Olivier Gorter
Partner, Amsterdam
Leverages senior-executive- and board-level experience to improve the financial performance and organizational health of organizations...
Moira Goulmy
Senior Knowledge Expert and Associate Partner, Amsterdam
Brings more than 30 years of experience in the field of transport infrastructure with a particular focus on the airport ecosystem...
Ludwig Hausmann
Partner, Munich
Helps travel, logistics, and infrastructure companies to become investments of choice by improving return on invested capital...
Martin Joerss
Senior Partner, Hamburg
A leading expert in the transportation and logistics industry, including shipping and ports. Brings insight to logistics service...
Vik Krishnan
Partner, Bay Area
Advises companies in the aviation, travel, and aerospace sectors on operational-performance improvement, digital transformation,...
Noriko Kuya
Partner, Tokyo
Supports large-scale transformations for corporations, including sustained improvements in organizational capabilities and systems
Cheryl Lim
Partner, Singapore
Advises public- and private-sector clients in education, youth employment and engagement, and tourism, as they pursue policy,...
Carsten Lotz
Partner, Paris
Advises companies in regulated and capital expenditures-heavy industries, with a particular focus on transport and energy
Emma Loxton
Partner, London
Works with companies across the travel and defense industries to build and deliver strategies and improve commercial performance
Katrina Lv
Partner, Shenzhen
Brings extensive experience in infrastructure, real estate, economic development, and strategy in serving governments and city...
Scott McConnell
Partner, Chicago
Serves organizations on diverse topics including operational efficiency, digital procurement and operations, transformation, and...
Evan Van Metre
Senior Partner, Atlanta
Trusted advisor to travel, logistics & infrastructure, and consumer companies, bringing deep expertise in commercial transformation,...
Detlev Mohr
Senior Partner, Stuttgart
Advises global travel, logistics, and infrastructure organizations on strategies and transformations; codevelops the firm’s thinking...
John Murnane
Senior Partner, Atlanta
Creates large-scale transformation and growth programs for a range of companies around the globe
Stefano Napoletano
Partner, Milan
Advises clients on Capital Excellence investments and assets and supports companies on transformational change.
Florian Neuhaus
Partner, Munich
Advises major global logistics and rail companies on operations and strategies
Rob Palter
Senior Partner, Toronto
Specializes in helping clients identify real estate investment opportunities and strategically manage real estate assets
Neal Parikh
Partner, Dallas
Experienced in leading high-impact commercial transformations and providing strategic expertise for airline, travel, logistics,...
Shannon Peloquin
Partner, Bay Area
Supports major utilities, transportation, and infrastructure organizations to enhance long-term strategy and investments, operations,...
Robin Riedel
Partner, Bay Area
Co-leads the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility
Nicola Sandri
Senior Partner, Milan
Guides major transport and infrastructure organizations in their end-to-end transformation journeys, with a focus on international...
Frank Sänger
Senior Partner, Cologne
Leads the consumer-goods and retail sector work in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, and our global work in retail-operations,...
Steve Saxon
Partner, Shenzhen
Helps travel and logistics organizations to develop distinctive strategies and improve commercial performance
Emily Shao
Partner, Bay Area
Pioneers the transition to the future of mobility, navigating organizations through disruptions in technology, business models,...
Stuart Shilson
Senior Partner, London
Combines strategy expertise with government experience to support the senior leaders of a wide range of infrastructure-related...
Jillian Tellez Holub
Partner, Atlanta
Drives growth for travel and logistics organizations, with particular expertise in customer experience
Nina Wittkamp
Partner, Munich
Advises airline, travel, and technology companies on growth strategy and commercial topics, including partnership strategies,...