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Alberto Bettoli

Senior Partner, Rome
Advises airline, aerospace, and machinery organizations in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the United States on growth strategy, commercial-performance improvement, and operational transformation

About Alberto

As an aerospace engineer, Alberto has worked for airlines and aerospace and defense companies in Italy and across the globe. His work spans developing distinctive strategies, improving commercial performance, and supporting operational transformations. Alberto’s expertise has allowed him to become a trusted adviser for senior executives in turnarounds, merger situations, and commercial transformations (including in network design, pricing, sales, distribution, and marketing) and to develop successful operational-improvement plans.

Sought after as an expert on commercial topics—especially pricing and revenue management—Alberto coleads McKinsey’s distinctive approach to pricing for airlines.

Alberto’s recent client work includes a postmerger-management program, organization of the international-business function, and design of key cross-functional processes for a mainline carrier, capturing 4 percent revenue synergies. He has engineered revenue-enhancement programs, across all commercial levers, in many traditional airlines in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America, with resulting revenue improvements of 3 to 10 percent.

Additionally, Alberto has managed the operational turnaround of several European airlines to improve asset and resource productivity (including in ground, flight, and maintenance operations). He executed a turnaround program of unprofitable long-haul routes for a major carrier, integrating all commercial levers, including network, schedule, pricing and revenue management, sales, and marketing. This enabled improvement in 30 percent of the unprofitable routes. He also redesigned aircraft platforms for improved performance and lower nonrecurring and operating costs.

Past experience

Morgan Stanley
Associate, M&A


MIT Sloan School of Management

Sapienza University
MA, aeronautical engineering