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Ryan Mann


Advises travel and hospitality organizations with a core focus on strategy and growth opportunities

Ryan helps travel and hospitality organizations around the world develop growth strategies, map opportunities, build new businesses, and scale existing operations. He helps major hotel chains, airlines, cruise lines, and mobility companies make substantial performance improvements by evaluating and defining new business models, optimizing distribution channels, leveraging analytics for decision making, and strengthening marketing and sales capabilities.

Ryan led the our Travel, Logistics & Infrastructure Practice’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic by hosting weekly webinars, convening thought leaders, and writing articles.

Ryan’s recent client experience includes the following:

  • assisting a world-renowned hotel chain in doubling its share of direct digital revenue through launching agile projects, including personalization-at-scale initiatives and new distribution channels
  • working with a US-based hotel chain to design and launch a new business model
  • supporting a large hotel chain as it sought to acquire a smaller chain by developing the value story and building its impact-performance approach, post integration
  • designing a new distribution approach for a global midscale hotel chain to grow revenue by ten percent
  • advising a hospitality company on its growth strategy, helping it scale to ten times its original size
  • helping a global cruise line develop its strategic planning capabilities, as well as its broad-based performance improvement plan
  • supporting the ground-up development of a new mobility start-up designed to compete with rideshare organizations


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Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

McGill University
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