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Riccardo Boin


Advises global travel, logistics, and infrastructure organizations on strategy, commercial, and capital-expenditure deployment functions

Riccardo has approximately 15 years of experience advising travel, tourism, logistics, and infrastructure organizations in Europe, the Middle East, and South and North America. He brings far-reaching strategy and commercial-function expertise to organizations, including airlines, cruise lines, road and airport operators, trucking companies, and freight forwarders. Riccardo’s areas of expertise include sales and distribution, digital marketing, pricing and revenue management, and capital-expenditure optimization.

Riccardo’s recent client work includes the following:

  • advising a leading airline on sales and distribution, from design to full execution. The 18-month initiative included channel strategy, coverage and incentive models for agencies and corporate accounts, online travel agencies, and metasearch, global distribution systems, contracts, and digital marketing. The project delivered a reduction in cost of sales to six percent of revenue from ten percent
  • developing numerous pricing and revenue-management initiatives for airlines, cruise lines, and rail operators. The projects include process optimization, organization design, capability building, and toolkit enhancement, and increasing revenue by more than three percent
  • supporting a leading global airline with decision making and implementation of its reservation system until cutover. The project unlocked the potential for digitized operations and ancillary revenue of hundreds of millions
  • managing the end-to-end transformation of a leading global road operator. The initiative included operational expenditure optimization, capital-expenditure optimization, risk management, and innovation, and delivered more than €500 million in enterprise value
  • helping a leading Silicon Valley unicorn to build capabilities in the infrastructure and travel sector, mobilizing thousands of employees around the world

Riccardo is also fluent in English and Italian.


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Columbia University

Università Bocconi
MS, accounting and finance