Next-Generation Productivity

Helping clients build the tech-enabled capabilities required to identify and capture a step change in profitability


Next-generation operations can help companies unlock significant value by improving both margins and productivity. The new opportunities arise from ongoing improvement in three areas:

  • Connectivity, which facilitates faster, more informed decision making
  • Artificial intelligence, which provides new insights to drive ever-increasing optimization
  • Automation and new technologies, which enable innovative tools, processes and business models

Aerospace and defense (A&D) companies are discovering many use cases where these levers can produce big gains, and they are launching many pilots, with the goal of implementing them across the organization. But too many A&D companies find themselves stuck in pilot purgatory, capturing great returns within individual groups or functions but unable to scale their efforts. We have extensive experience with operational transformations and can help companies overcome the obstacles that keep them at the pilot stage. As they progress to company-wide implementation, they could achieve double-digit improvement across value drivers.

What we do

Cross-functional assessments

Assess functional groups, with a focus on those where linkages across the value stream could deliver most impact.

Diagnostic assessments

Conduct diagnostic assessments that help companies determine their full potential, prioritize areas for improvement, and maximize return on investment from transformation programs.

Product development

Improve all phases of product development—design, planning, sourcing, production, delivery, and service.


Develop strategies and roadmaps to define a clear destination, as well as the path to get there.


Re-vamp data management, IT services, and other technologies.


Guide companies through transformational change with accelerated implementation designed to ensure value capture and sustainability.

Featured Capabilities

Capability Centers: Our Capability Centers can help your company advance to the forefront of operational excellence.

Always On: A suite of supply-chain solutions designed to identify problems, conduct simulations, and improve performance.

DiagnoseDesign: A suite of web-based tools with rich benchmark databases for qualitative maturity assessments, quantitative KPIs, custom analyses and improvement lever databases.

Featured Experts

Kimberly Borden
Serves clients in the Aerospace & Defense and Automotive & Assembly Practices, focusing on strategy, operations, and transformational change
Mickael Brossard
Specializes in product development and digital transformation of R&D departments with players in tech and energy industries.
Guillaume de Ranieri
Guillaume de Ranieri specializes in R&D and large industrial projects management. He leads the Aerospace and Defense Practice in France.
Matthieu Dussud
Supports and advises global resource-based companies and advanced industries on capital excellence, operations transformation and growth strategy
Kevin Goering
Drives business value through operational transformations, tapping the productivity gains made possible by new technologies and advanced analytics
Liz Hempel
Leverages the power of advanced analytics to drive transformational change in product development and procurement for industrial clients in the automotive, aerospace, and defense sectors
Matteo Mancini
Senior Partner
Leads our work in advanced industries in Southeast Asia, and advises manufacturing and technology companies on a broad range of productivity improvement and cost-optimization programs
Varun Marya
Senior Partner
Helps aerospace, defense, and private-equity companies enhance value by transforming their organizations and accelerating their performance
Kevin Sachs
Senior Partner
Drives strategic and operational performance transformations to help advanced industrial and high-tech companies find cost savings while pursuing efficiency and growth
Yoshi Takanuki
Senior Partner
Helps manufacturing companies shape their strategy and transform their operating model, applying operations expertise to unleash their performance
Rafael Westinner
Senior Partner
Leads end-to-end operational transformations for industrial clients, working along the operational value chain to boost productivity by fully leveraging digital technology

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