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McKinsey Transformation provides organizations with the ability to unlock potential through holistic, enduring, large-scale transformations. With uniquely specialized functional expertise, extensive industry experience, and distinctive tools and technologies, we give clients the belief and confidence to aim incredibly high, surpassing their expectations and turning bold strategies and ideas into reality at a pace they didn’t think possible.

Our proven method for sustainable transformation, combined with hands-on experience and our proprietary technology, can deliver impact across multiple dimensions to improve business performance at every level within an organization.

Enterprise-wide performance lift

A unique approach to sustained performance improvement, with a core focus on execution, capabilities, and growth

Tech-enabled performance transformation

A holistic approach to technological change for organizations seeking the next level in performance

Strategic transformation

A rapid investor perspective to identify the big moves required to maximize and sustain shareholder-value creation

Chief Transformation Officers

Partnering with leaders to power change.


RTS is a special unit of McKinsey that delivers a proven approach to radical and sustainable improvement of performance, health, and capabilities.

Featured Content

Transformation in the Next Normal

McKinsey recently partnered with CNBC and two CEOs to discuss what it takes to truly transform an organization.

The path to true transformation

– To deliver lasting change, companies need to take actions that both boost performance and inspire their people.
Blog Post

Harry Robinson: How companies must transform for success in the next normal

– McKinsey’ s Transformation practice leader talks about COVID-19’s impact on the transformation agenda of global organizations and how companies can sustain change.

Perspectives on transformation

How can companies overcome the odds and achieve long-term success with an organization-wide transformation? Our video series looks closer at all the moving parts.


Changing trajectories

Successful transformation requires a rigorous, holistic approach. Hear from our practitioners what makes our approach to transformation unique.

The five truths of successful transformation

No one sets out to fail—there are many decision points along the way that lead to transformation failure. However, in partnering with more than 100 organizations across different industries, geographies, and starting points, we have observed five truths common to successful transformations.

Featured insights


Five Fifty: The changeable organization

– What does it take to transform corporate organizations? New research reveals the variables that matter most.

How capability building can power transformation

– A well-designed program to promote productive behavior and skills can not only energize an organization’s workforce but... also become an essential element of any successful transformation.

Transformation in uncertain times: Tackling both the urgent and the important

– A sprint-based transformation approach can help organizations achieve full potential.

This way out: How leading companies chart a full-potential COVID-Exit

– Half measures and incrementalism won’t work when your company emerges from a crisis. Here’s how leading organizations... are thinking about holistic transformation to go all in.

Featured capabilities

Ability to Execute

Capability gaps are among the most difficult and important challenges faced by leaders in any organization. Rooted in the latest thinking in behavioral science, Ability to Execute is a suite of programs designed to build individual capabilities to drive and sustain transformational change at scale.


Wave offers a sophisticated user interface, designed based on user feedback, to be fast, intuitive, and collaborative. Learn how easy it is to visualize, prioritize, and track a large volume of initiatives and measure its impact over time.

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