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McKinsey Transformation events

Meet our experts and discuss with peers how to transform your organization, turn bold ideas into reality, and drive accountability at every stage of a transformation.

McKinsey Transformation Summits

We regularly convene a series of regional Transformation Summits where C-level executives are invited to discuss the current state of transformation, discover the far-reaching capabilities of experts who have walked in their shoes, and glean actionable insights from peers who share similar challenges.

Each summit is attended by senior business executives who are seeking to reinvent their business and are keen to connect and learn from their peers about their transformation journey – including how they applied McKinsey’s proven method to achieve holistic impact, advanced culture and capabilities, and accelerated program performance across the value chain for long-lasting growth.

If your organization is considering a transformation, or if you want to learn more about our event offerings, please submit your interest below. We'll let you know when registration opens for relevant events in your area.

Hear from McKinsey Transformation event attendees:

“As a Chief Transformation Officer, it was refreshing to talk with people going through the same things I am.”

“I enjoyed connecting with other CTOs and learning from people who are ahead of us in the journey.”

“Tips on how to leverage organizational leadership to drive lasting change and hearing about the commonality of challenges within a transformation were really inspiring.”


Change Leaders Forum

An interactive two‐day workshop where executives discuss how organizations mobilize change leaders to achieve and sustain their full potential through transformation. The forum is a true working session, offering thought‐provoking exercises and discussions that enable attendees to learn from their peers in the room, as well as the collective experience and research of McKinsey Transformation colleagues.

Who this is for: This event is intended for executives who are considering, about to start, or currently executing a transformation. If you are a CTO or change leader at an organization currently in or considering a transformation, please submit your interest below. We'll let you know when registration opens for relevant events in your area.

CTO Roundtables

To help foster the continued evolution of the Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) role, we regularly convene roundtable discussions and networking opportunities where CTOs from around the world can share experiences, build communities, and discuss best practices for driving holistic transformations. We hold monthly, invitation-only CTO Roundtable events with our clients from across industries to help them engage with and learn from one another.

Who this is for: CTO Roundtable sessions are intended for CTOs who are part of a current McKinsey-supported transformation.

Insights from previous events


European Transformation Summit: Fresh leadership perspectives

European transformation leaders share fresh perspectives based on their real-world experiences. A unifying principle to drive change and a structured approach to execute and sustain it can boost success.

McKinsey Live Webinar: The secrets to transformation success

Research shows that most transformations fail. And yet, as organizations adapt to the next normal, many CEOs will launch transformations in the coming months. Learn how some organizations have beaten the odds and achieved long-term transformational success.

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