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CEOs lead the organization – CTOs lead the change

The pace and scale of change industries are facing is unprecedented. To succeed, they need to adapt, adopting bold strategies that will turn business disruption into business reinvention. To enable this, many leaders are turning to holistic transformation programs to pivot their organizations.

In our experience leading hundreds of transformations around the world over the last decade, the most successful transformation programs feature a strong Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) at the center. In these transformations, the CTO is empowered to drive the company toward its full potential and ensure the gains of the program are holistic and enduring.

We help CTOs build a company for the future by designing and powering effective transformations that touch multiple business dimensions, from top-line growth and new business development to operational efficiencies and strategic repositioning. Working across all sectors, regions, and industries, we provide tech-enabled tools and support, and form close partnerships with CEOs and CTOs to help them deliver enduring change.

The most successful CTOs ignite passion across your entire business using one consistent approach for all levels to contribute, lead, and grow at a pace they never thought possible.

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What we do

Provide tools and support

  • Supporting CTOs to orchestrate enterprise-wide programs and identify the talent, resources, and tools needed for success
  • Helping CTOs support CEOs to develop the mindset and capabilities needed to build and lead agile organizations
  • Providing insights across sectors to shape and set the transformation agenda
  • Supplying proven methodologies, and proprietary tools and technologies, to lead effective holistic transformations
  • Connecting CTOs to share best practices and continue to lead impact and growth

Find and coach CTOs

  • Helping clients identify, train, and upskill in-house and external candidates
  • Running an internal CTO certification program to ensure focus and impact
  • Providing full-time CTO coaches for the duration of a transformation
  • Deploying our highly experienced team of transformation experts to serve as CTOs


CTO Roundtables

To help foster the continued evolution of the CTO role, we regularly convene roundtable discussions and networking opportunities where CTOs from around the world can share experiences, build communities, and discuss best practices for driving holistic transformations. We hold monthly CTO Roundtable events with our clients from across industries to help them engage with and learn from one another, and many more are planned for 2022 in locations around the world.

To find out more about these events, please get in touch.

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Our Approach

McKinsey is the leader in enabling and empowering holistic, enduring transformations, working in partnerships with CEOs and CTOs. These short videos explain our approach and set out the importance of the CTO role. 

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