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Wajih Abou-Zahr
Senior Partner, Dubai
Brings deep experience in telecommunications, helping leading companies win market share, drive top-line growth, and transform...
Yaw Agyenim-Boateng
Partner, Lagos
Serves multinationals and private-sector institutions across Africa in the consumer packaged goods, telecom, tech and media sectors
Hemant Ahlawat
Senior partner, Zurich
Brings insights into how to deliver value in medicine and healthcare and leads work on public and social sector topics, including...
Salman Ahmad
Senior partner, Karachi
Leads McKinsey’s work in Pakistan. Has broad global experience in helping governments and major companies tackle their key challenges...
Rima Assi
Senior Partner and Managing Partner, Abu Dhabi
Leads the Abu Dhabi office in the UAE; a core leader of our efforts in public finance and investments; globally coleads our work...
Matt Banholzer
Partner, Chicago
Helps companies achieve strategic growth and optimize resource allocation by pursuing transformative innovation
Hugo Baquerizo
Senior Partner, Panama
A leader of McKinsey’s strategy work across Latin America, helps leading companies across the region to shape bold strategies...
Darius Bates
Partner, Atlanta
Leads enterprise-wide transformations that deliver a step-change in performance, organizational health, and capabilities
Colleen Baum
Partner, New York
Advises retailers and apparel brands on growth strategy, retail footprint, inventory management, and omnichannel fulfillment topics,...
Keith Beattie
Partner, London
Leads banking within the RTS Practice, specialising in major turnarounds and transformations, taking both advisory and interim...
Alejandro Beltrán
Senior Partner, Madrid
Advises international corporations on strategy and corporate finance, and counsels public institutions on macroeconomic and policy...
Michael Birshan
Senior Partner, London
Global co-leader of our Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice, partnering with bold and determined leaders to set strategy, transform...
Attila Bognar
Partner, Budapest
Brings deep expertise in AI and analytics-driven frontline, customer journeys, operational transformations, and operating model...
Chris Bradley
McKinsey Global Institute Director and Senior Partner, Sydney
Leads research and works on strategic transformations for organizations across Australia and New Zealand’s media, banking, retail,...
Michael Bucy
Senior Partner, Carolinas
Helps private and public sector organizations transform their core operations and launch new businesses
Heloisa Callegaro
Senior Partner, São Paulo
Drives improvements in retail and banking organizations through operations restructuring and other transformation initiatives...
Kevin Carmody
Senior Partner, Chicago
Leads holistic, at-scale transformations and brings deep experience in corporate finance, operational turnarounds and change management
Brandon Carrus
Senior Partner, Ohio - Cleveland
Works with CEOs and top teams to achieve excellence in clinical and service operations
Vladimir Cernavskis
Senior Partner
Leads projects in green technology, and agricultural technology sectors; a member of the firm’s recovery and transformation work...
Albert Chang
Senior Partner, Taipei
Brings deep experience in leading performance improvements in the high-tech, industrials, and electronics industries through comprehensive...
Joy Chen
Partner, New York
Serves public and private sector clients on climate transition issues
Manish Chopra
Senior Partner, New York
Serves clients in healthcare, B2B industries, and private equity on strategy, M&A, and operational improvement, and leads pricing...
Neil Christie
Partner, Stockholm
Leads our RTS Practice and operational-transformation and financial-restructuring programmes in energy and materials across Europe,...
Becca Coggins
Senior Partner, Chicago
Advises retail and hospitality clients on transforming their performance, health, and capabilities
Xavier Costantini
Senior Partner, Montevideo
Helps companies in highly complex industries achieve successful operational transformation, instilling lean methodologies and...
Laura Corb
Senior Partner, New York
Delivers sustainable growth transformations for leading companies with particular focus on technology, media, and telecommunications
Chase Covington
Partner, New York
Leads large-scale business transformations across sectors
Karsten Dalgaard
Senior Partner, Stockholm
Advises life sciences companies on performance-transformation, productivity, growth-strategy, and commercial-excellence topics
Ryan Davies
Senior Partner, Washington DC
Helps clients execute large-scale transformations to create substantial and enduring improvements in organizational performance...
Angus Dawson
Senior Partner, Sydney
Serves clients through periods of intense strategic, regulatory, and technology-based change
Marc de Jong
Senior Partner, Amsterdam
Focuses on strategy, innovation, and transformation in technology-intensive industries and leads strategy-transformation services...
Jean-Philippe De Montigny
Partner, Montréal
Leverages functional expertise to help clients in or near financial distress turn their companies around and optimize their performance
Anton Derkach
Senior Partner, Houston
Serves electric power utilities, retail, technology and equipment manufacturing, and financial as well as engineering, procurement,...
Dago Diedrich
Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Serves leading energy, automotive, and high-tech companies on strategic issues, performance transformation, and trend analysis
Michael Ellis
Senior Partner, Sydney
Brings 25 years of experience to his work with leading energy and mining clients in Asia, Australia, and the United States
Karel Eloot
Senior Partner, Shanghai
Focuses on industrial Internet of Things and digital transformation in the industrial sectors, particularly for companies in China
Obi Ezekoye
Partner, Minneapolis
Helps companies in the global energy and materials sectors build strategies, deals, and products that fuel value creation
Roberto Fantoni
Senior Partner, São Paulo
Leads the Capital Excellence Practice in Latin America, serving some of the largest industry leaders and a few major family-owned...
Greg Fern
Senior Partner, Chicago
Brings deep experience in large-scale company transformations spanning high tech, telecommunications, discrete manufacturing,...
Nelson Ferreira
Senior Partner, São Paulo
Advises agriculture and mining companies in Brazil and Latin America, helping executives set strategy, manage supply chains, and...
Tracy Francis
Senior Partner and Chief Marketing Officer, São Paulo
Advises clients and serves as our global chief marketing officer; leads the firm’s environmental, social, and governance initiatives
Juan Franco
Partner, Bogotá
Works with many of Latin America’s largest financial-services companies to help them shape ambitious growth strategies,...
Christophe François
Senior Partner, Paris
Specializes in operational excellence, in particular Lean, supply chain optimization, and capital productivity, and leads our...
Jon Garcia
Senior Partner and President RTS, Washington DC
Founder of McKinsey’s RTS unit. Leads large-scale, high-profile transformations and turnarounds across industries and geographies
Nicklas Garemo
Senior Partner, Abu Dhabi
Uses his expertise in infrastructure and operations to advise clients on strategy, organization, and operational effectiveness;...
Dr. Panco Georgiev
Senior Partner, Dubai
Works with leading institutions—both public and private—across the entire healthcare sector to improve care, shape growth and...
Sebastián Giménez
Partner, Madrid
Advises commercial airlines and airports on topics including strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring
Massimo Giordano
Managing Partner, Mediterranean office, Milan
Leads our Mediterranean office, advising major institutions and leading companies on a broad range of issues, with a particular...
Rick Gold
Partner, New Jersey
Leads rapid and large-scale transformations in North America, Europe, and Australia across multiple industries
Rami Goldfajn
Senior Partner, São Paulo
Brings extensive experience in leading transformations, turnarounds, and corporate restructurings across industries in South America;...
Seth Goldstrom
Senior Partner, Carolinas
Helps organizations sustain performance transformations through a focus on execution, capability building, and growth
Stephan Görner
Senior Partner, Vancouver
Global Co-Leader of McKinsey’s Transformation Practice; helps organizations around the world achieve full potential through holistic...
Olivier Gorter
Partner, Amsterdam
Leverages senior-executive- and board-level experience to improve the financial performance and organizational health of organizations...
Vijay Gosula
Senior Partner, Salvador
With expertise in Brazilian markets, including infrastructure, banking, and retail, he advises clients on improving operational...
Louisa Greco
Partner, Toronto
Advises clients on the development and implementation of large-scale transformation programs for substantial performance and health...
Brian Gregg
Senior Partner, Bay Area
Coleads McKinsey’s Growth, Marketing & Sales Practice in North America; enabling clients to achieve above-market growth by combining...
Ferry Grijpink
Partner, Amsterdam
Helps telecom and media companies grow their businesses, shape new markets, and transform their organizations.
Chris Hagedorn
Senior Partner, St Louis
Leader in McKinsey’s Transformation Practice, where he designs and executes comprehensive transformations, including M&A integration...
Benjamin Hall
Partner, Boston
Empowers companies across industries to pursue complex transformation programs by establishing the infrastructure and capabilities...
Stephen Hall
Senior Partner, London
Brings more than 25 years of experience in the energy and mining sectors to his work counselling clients on strategy and performance...
Lari Hämäläinen
Senior Partner, Tokyo
Leads McKinsey Digital and advanced-analytics (artificial-intelligence) work in Northeast Asia and advises companies across sectors...
Liz Harrison
Partner, Carolinas
Global thought leader in B2B buyer patterns, bringing expertise in customer experience, sales, and marketing to clients across...
Sam Hodgkinson
MT Senior Vice President, London
Advises organizations across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa on corporate restructuring, transformation, turnaround, cash...
Fernanda Hoefel
Partner, São Paulo
Member of the consumer group in Latin America, working with retail and consumer clients, and shopping malls, to drive value creation...
Mark Hojnacki
Partner, Stamford
Develops and implements operational and financial turnarounds across industries; specializes in leading companies through complex...
Sven Houthuys
Partner, Amsterdam
Advises and serves consumer-packaged-goods and energy-sector companies, with a focus on digital, capability building, large-scale...
Celia Huber
Senior Partner, Bay Area
Leads our North American board services sector and advises organizations on strategies to help thrive within the context of global...
Richard Hudson
Senior Partner, London
Brings over 17 years of experience in board, operational, restructuring, and advisory roles
Tip Huizenga
Senior Partner, Sydney
Leads clients through comprehensive restructuring and transformation programs, drawing on substantial expertise in oil and gas,...
Hiromitsu Ii
Senior Partner, Tokyo
Supports problem-solving initiatives across a spectrum of issues, from company-wide transformation strategy planning to operations...
Jason Inacio
Partner, Sydney
Leverages expertise in agile transformation to enable new ways of working across the enterprise that increase value while boosting...
Srikant Inampudi
Senior Partner, Detroit
Managing partner of our Detroit office; helps industrial, healthcare, and other complex enterprises pursue strategic transformation,...
Mauricio Janauskas
Senior Partner, Santiago
Leads the McKinsey Transformation Practice in Spanish-speaking Latin America and brings extensive global experience helping clients...
Matthew Johnston
Partner, London
Brings 20 years of advisory and interim-management experience in restructuring, turnaround, and transformation
Timo Kamp
Partner, Berlin
Coleads McKinsey Transformation in Germany and Austria and serves clients with a focus on performance transformation in distressed...
Freek Kelkensberg
Partner, Amsterdam
Helps set strategy and drive performance transformations for companies in industrial sectors
John Kelleher
RTS Senior Partner, Toronto
Advises on recovery and transformation, drawing on experience as a CEO and private-equity executive to help clients in a range...
David Kennedy
Partner, Toronto
Leverages deep expertise in finance and operations to help clients drive at-scale transformations across a wide range of industries
Laurent Kinet
Senior Partner, Auckland
Helps companies restructure or transform through productivity improvements, operating model redesign, technology adoption, and...
Patrick Klinkoff
Partner, Vienna
Advises on strategy, operations, performance transformation, and turnarounds for organizations in the consumer sector
Sajal Kohli
Senior Partner, Chicago
Leads McKinsey’s Global Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods Practices and works with retail and consumer-goods companies to guide...
Alejandro Krell
Senior Partner, Santiago
Supports large companies—mainly based in Chile—in shaping their strategy, building their operational excellence, and strengthening...
Aneesh Krishna
Partner, Bay Area
Coleads our transformation and post-acute care work for healthcare in North America and serves national and regional payers, providers,...
Charag Krishnan
Partner, New Jersey
Supports higher-education institutions on performance improvement programs, analytics, M&A, and financial sustainability
Rajesh Krishnan
Partner, New York
Leads enterprise-wide transformations efforts that focus on performance and health, helping organizations deliver lasting improvements...
Vladimir Kulagin
Senior Partner
Leads projects on strategy, marketing, pricing, customer centricity, organizational development, and operational efficiency in...
Kevin Laczkowski
Senior Partner, Chicago
Global coleader of the Automotive & Assembly Practice and part of the senior leadership team for the firm’s Strategy & Corporate...
Patrick Lahaie
Senior Partner, Montréal
Advises leading companies in a range of industries on holistic performance transformations and complex turnarounds
Richard Lee
Senior Partner, Seoul
Works with leading technology, media, telecommunications, and private-equity clients to enable digital transformations that capture...
Olivier Legrand
Senior Partner, Singapore
Leads McKinsey’s Capital Excellence Practice in Asia, and coleads our Operations Practice, with deep expertise in large-scale...
Acha Leke
Senior Partner, Johannesburg
Works with key public, private, and social sector institutions to accelerate growth and development in Africa
Robert E. Lewis
Senior Partner, Southern California
Leads large-scale performance improvement and operational excellence programs for industrial and basic materials companies, and...
Karl Liese
Senior Partner, Cologne
Specializes in multinational, holistic transformations at scale—including strategy, cost and income management, processes, organization,...
Robert Linden
Senior Partner, Bay Area
Global leader of our Medical Products Practice, advising a broad range of healthcare clients – from early-stage innovators to...
Ed Lock
Partner, PAX, Bangkok
Leads McKinsey’s transformation services work in Southeast Asia; has deep expertise in holistic transformational change and turnarounds...
Clarisse Magnin-Mallez
Senior Partner, Paris
Managing Partner of McKinsey in France. Leads our work in the Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail Practices in Africa, Europe,...
Yogesh Malik
Senior Partner, Washington DC
Advises leaders in the industrial and automotive sectors on operations strategy globally, with a focus on using data and digital...
Keith Martin
Partner, Vancouver
Supports companies in Canada, the United States, and Australia through large-scale turnarounds and transformations
Gonçalo Martins
Partner, Luanda
As one of the leaders of McKinsey’s Transformation Practice in Africa, supports companies in transformation and turnaround programs
Rogerio Mascarenhas
Senior Partner, São Paulo
Managing Partner advising senior clients from the private and public sectors
Massimo Mazza
Senior Partner, São Paulo
Advises consumer-goods and retail companies across emerging markets on large-scale, profound, and sustainable transformations,...
Jonathan Michael
Senior Partner, Sydney
Advises banks, insurers, and asset managers, focusing on strategy, distribution, and regulation
Duncan Miller
Senior Partner, Atlanta
Leads commercial transformations at consumer companies to drive both topline growth and margin expansion, and oversees our consumer...
Yasir Mirza
Senior Partner, Atlanta
Drives transformational change for clients through a focus on performance, health, and capabilities
Philipp Nattermann
Senior Partner, London
Works extensively with telecommunications and media companies on addressing the challenges arising out of market transition to...
Tolga Oguz
Senior Partner, New York
Supports leading institutions globally on transforming businesses and meeting sustainability goals
Ignacio Quesada
Partner, Mexico City
Leads large-scale transformations across Latin America with a focus on operational and financial improvement programs
Asutosh Padhi
Senior Partner and North America Managing Partner, Chicago
Managing Partner for McKinsey in North America; helps companies with strategies related to technology and innovation, large-scale...
Jatin Pant
Senior Partner, Singapore
Leads our work with private equity and principal investors in Southeast Asia and on banking analytics in Asia
Marco Piccitto
McKinsey Global Institute Director and Senior Partner, Milan
Leads research and advises leading European financial and industrial institutions on a broad range of risk-management, business...
José Pimenta da Gama
Senior Partner, Lisbon
Helps organizations in Europe, Africa, and Latin America achieve sustainable and holistic strategic transformation and business...
Vadim Pokotilo
Partner, Almaty
Helps achieve ambitious visions for transport, logistics, and infrastructure organizations around the globe by incorporating strategy,...
Pierre Pont
Partner, Singapore
Leads with deep experience shaping strategy and driving commercial transformations for telecommunications, media, and financial-sector...
David Pralong
Senior Partner, Carolinas
Helps organizations achieve a step-change in performance via transformations that focus on core execution, digital enablement,...
Anders Rasmussen
Senior Partner, London
Brings expertise in corporate finance and risk management to oil and industrial companies, helping them prepare for growth and...
Steve Reis
Senior Partner, Atlanta
Coleads McKinsey’s sales-and-channel work globally with a dedicated focus on helping companies across industries achieve growth...
Philippine Risch
Partner, Amsterdam
Helps leaders and organizations create sustainable value by transforming their businesses toward customer centricity, speed, and...
Harry Robinson
Senior Partner, Southern California
Leads holistic, large-scale transformations and provides strategic and operations counsel to basic materials, mining, and energy...
Bernardo Rubinstein
Partner, Lima
Helps executives transform their operations to create dramatic improvements in performance, health, and financial stability
Jakob Ruden
Partner, Cologne
Brings distinct expertise in finance and operations to support clients in executing and sustaining at-scale transformations
Jeff Rudnicki
Senior Partner, Boston
A leader in our global M&A strategy work who uses his experience to direct multiple client engagements, including more than 100...
Bill Russo
Senior Partner, Mexico City
Works closely with retail and consumer goods companies across the globe to develop growth strategies and transform operations.
Takanori Sakamoto
Partner, Tokyo
Leads global holistic transformation for companies seeking radical performance and organizational change to achieve extraordinary...
Angela Samper
Partner, Bogotá
Works with major financial services firms, helping them transform their commercial and operational performance and develop advanced...
Sandra Sancier-Sultan
Senior Partner, Paris
Leads McKinsey’s work in the insurance sector in France
Jimmy Sarakatsannis
Senior Partner, Washington DC
Offers broad and deep expertise in education, with a particular interest in the use of technology to transform teaching and learning
Aurobind Satpathy
Senior Partner, Miami
Works on strategy, growth, operations, performance transformation, and turnarounds for clients in the industrial and private-equity...
Erik Schaefer
Partner, Toronto
Focuses on rapidly and sustainably delivering radical performance and health improvements for heavy industrial assets, with an...
Bill Schaninger
Senior Partner, Philadelphia
Designs and manages large-scale organizational transformations, strengthening business performance through enhanced culture, values,...
Dr. Christoph Schmitz
Senior Partner, Frankfurt
Leads global capital excellence work by helping clients optimize portfolios, design projects, and improve execution. He supports...
Gregory Schor
Partner, Brussels
Serves as the global leader of Wave, McKinsey’s innovative program-management solution that helps facilitate large-scale transformation...
Ojas Shah
Partner, New Jersey
Leverages distinct expertise in corporate restructuring and turnaround management to lead holistic transformations
Akira Shiratori
Partner, Tokyo
Helps clients with corporate-wide large-scale business transformation, as a leader of our RTS practice in Japan, by leveraging...
Dr. Karolina Sauer-Sidor
Partner, Madrid
Advises telecommunications and technology companies on strategy, growth, go-to-market, digital, and transformation to help them...
Zachary Silverman
Partner, Atlanta
Leverages deep expertise in large-scale transformations, cash management, and working capital to help companies achieve a step-change...
Alex Singla
Senior Partner, Chicago
Global leader of QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey; advises clients on strategy, digital and analytics, operations, enterprise transformation,...
Ole Christian Skjaker
Partner, Oslo
Trusted expert in M&A, value-creation capturing, and corporate transformations; advises principal investors, private-equity owners...
Naomi Smit
Partner, Amsterdam
Leading clients through digital transformation and advanced connectivity
Andrew Smith
Expert Associate Partner, Vienna
Leads engagements alongside client teams to deliver large scale transformation programs, with a focus on the energy and oil and...
Yermolai Solzhenitsyn
Senior Partner, Shanghai
Guides companies via more than two decades of experience in the metals, mining, energy, and transportation industries with a focus...
Seungheon Song
Managing Partner and Senior Partner, Seoul
Advises leading companies in the automotive, engineering, and construction sectors, guiding successful turnarounds and performance-transformation...
Rohit Sood
Senior Partner, Toronto
Brings digital-operations and lean-management expertise to help clients in the banking, insurance, retail, and healthcare sectors...
Kevin J. Speicher
Senior Partner, Detroit
Advises clients on enterprise-wide performance transformation, operations, strategy, business building, and organizational issues
Atanas Stoyanov
Partner, Miami
Serves financial institutions globally on strategy, productivity improvement, and digital and analytics transformations
Fábio Stul
Senior Partner, São Paulo
Global leader of McKinsey’s Transformation Practice; helps organizations achieve full potential through holistic and sustainable...
Gregor Theisen
Senior Partner, Frankfurt
Leads McKinsey´s healthcare, public and social sector in Europe.
Rosalie van Ruler Thaker
RTS Senior Vice President, Düsseldorf
Leads enterprise-wide transformations for industrial organizations across Europe, with a focus on performance improvement and...
Drew Ungerman
Senior Partner, Dallas
Leads McKinsey's Healthcare Practice globally and is a global leader of the McKinsey Health Institute
Wesley Walden
Managing Partner, Australia and New Zealand
Leads our Australia and New Zealand office, and McKinsey’s Global Transformation Practice
Brooke Weddle
Partner, Washington DC
Drives lasting change at scale for global organizations through digital transformation, operating-model redesign, enterprise agility,...
Ulrich Weihe
Senior Partner, Frankfurt
Provides guidance on Strategy, M&A, Restructuring and Transformation, R&D and Merger Management for chemical, biotech and process...
Andy West
Senior Partner, Boston
Coleads our Strategy and Corporate Finance practice and brings deep experience to bear in helping mergers and acquisitions deliver...
Monne Williams
Partner, Atlanta
Brings deep expertise on organizational health and design during transformations, helping clients drive mindset and behavior change,...
Florian Wunderlich
Senior Partner, Munich
Leads rapid-pace digital transformations for companies looking for a fresh start, taking an owner's mind-set to maximize business...
Kassia Yanosek
Partner, Houston
Advises global energy clients on adapting to fundamental disruption and emerging growth opportunities, leveraging nearly 20 years...