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Christophe François

Senior PartnerParis

Specializes in operational excellence, in particular Lean, supply chain optimization, and capital productivity, and leads our global initiative in agile operations

Christophe is a specialist in major transformation programs and leads the transformation work in our Operations Practice globally. He is also part of the leadership team for the Implementation Practice. Christophe brings his expertise to large, medium, and small companies in many sectors.

As a leading figure in operational excellence issues, he is particularly involved in lean manufacturing, supply chain management, and investment optimization. He also assists management teams in defining their strategic priorities, planning M&A, or development and growth plans.

Christophe also leads a global research initiative in agile operations, which aims to increase the operational and strategic responsiveness of companies in the face of the growing uncertainties of their environment.

With a keen interest in experiential learning, Christophe leads Centre de Compétences de Lyon (CCL), which enables participants to put their knowledge into practice in plant schools and office schools that faithfully reproduce industrial, tertiary, and process environments.

Christophe is a graduate from MINES ParisTech, where he specialized in production systems.

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Production manager


MINES Paris Tech
MS, engineering