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Christophe François

Senior Partner, Paris
Brings expertise in operational excellence including supply chain management, lean transformation, and investment optimization to companies in the aerospace and basic materials sectors

About Christophe

Since joining McKinsey in 1999, Christophe has served clients in the basic materials sector on a global basis, and aerospace and defense clients in Europe. Strongly focused on operational excellence, he advises on supply chain management, lean manufacturing transformation, and investment optimization. He also works with executives to set strategic focus, plan for mergers and acquisitions, and undertake performance transformation programs.

Christophe leads the McKinsey Global Energy & Materials Practice in France (Basic Materials, Chemicals & Agriculture, Electrical Power & Natural Gas and Oil & Gas).

Christophe also holds several practice leadership roles, including overseeing the Operations and Implementation practices in France, co-leading the Supply Chain Management Practice in Western Europe, and being part of the global Metals & Mining Practice leadership.

Keenly interested in hands-on application, Christophe heads the Capability Center of Lyon (CCL), which offers participants the opportunity to work on industrial, services or process model factory platforms. These training centers were founded in 2009, 2010 and 2013 respectively, in partnership with some of the region’s leading engineering schools, notably ECAM and ISARA.

Christophe is part of the global leadership team for McKinsey’s research initiative into Agile Operations, which aims to help companies enhance their ability to make operational and strategic shifts quickly in an environment of growing uncertainty.

Before joining McKinsey, Christophe worked for the steel industry in a variety of roles in different geographies.

A graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines, Christophe’s engineering studies focused on production systems.

Past experience

Production manager


MINES Paris Tech
MS, engineering