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Brooke Weddle

Senior PartnerWashington DC

Drives lasting change at scale for global organizations through digital transformation, operating-model redesign, enterprise agility, and leadership development

As a leader in the firm’s People & Organizational Performance Practice, Brooke helps organizations across the world achieve sustained performance through transformation. Globally, she leads the Change Leaders Forum, our executive capability-building series on transformational change, and our organizational work in advanced industries (aerospace and defense, automotive, and electronics). In addition, she leads the firm’s culture-and-change management work in North America.

Most recently, Brooke led the firm’s portfolio of digital solutions, overseeing global client delivery of proprietary analytics tools for performance and health transformations. Brooke helped build the portfolio which now encompasses more than 15 solutions deployed across hundreds of clients. It includes the Organizational Health Index, OrgLab, and People Analytics, among others.

In her more than 14 years as a consultant, Brooke has worked with company leaders to achieve organizational transformations across diverse industries and regions, including Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and North America.

Examples of her recent client work include the following:

  • shaping the digital transformation at a leading aerospace and defense company
  • designing the talent strategy and transformation approach for a government-services company
  • leading transformation at an international healthcare company to drive more speed
  • guiding an effort for a medical supplies conglomerate that resulted in both operating-model redesign and cultural transformation
  • leading more than 100 deployments of the Organizational Health Index, including work at some of the largest financial, mining, consumer packaged goods, and high-tech companies in North America and Asia

Brooke frequently publishes on organizational topics and speaks at relevant conferences. She is a member of the Economic Club of DC, and leads executive roundtables on talent priorities in the area.

Prior to joining McKinsey, Brooke served as a US Department of State Fulbright scholar in Peru.

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Stanford University
PhD, international education policy
MA, economics
MA, Spanish

University of Virginia
BA, economics and Spanish