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Featured experts

Alexandra Camp
PartnerNew York
With a deep understanding of organizational health, Alex collaborates with leaders to build and sustain a culture of performance...
Arne Gast
Senior PartnerAmsterdam
Offers extensive global expertise in people and organizational performance, including organizational design, transformational...
Drew Goldstein
Guides successful change management for sustained business performance, including driving talent initiatives, enhancing culture,...
Ben Fletcher
Senior PartnerSydney
Brings deep expertise in people topics, particularly in designing and driving large scale culture and change, capability-building,...
Rajesh Krishnan
PartnerNew York
Leads enterprise-wide transformations efforts that focus on performance and health, helping organizations deliver lasting improvements...
John C. W. Parsons
Senior PartnerCalgary
Transforms large industrial sites and organizations by implementing the latest performance-based approaches and leveraging the...
Aaron De Smet
Senior PartnerNew Jersey
Delivers growth, innovation, and organizational agility and is an expert on culture change, leadership development, team effectiveness,...
Richard Steele
PartnerNew York
Designs and delivers purpose-driven transformation programs and is an expert in culture change, organizational agility, and using...
Brooke Weddle
Senior PartnerWashington DC
Drives lasting change at scale for global organizations through digital transformation, operating-model redesign, enterprise...

Featured insights

Seizing the upside: improving organizational health for Australian and New Zealand companies
Blog Post
Seizing the upside: improving organizational health for Australian and New Zealand companies
Blog Post
Hybrid can be healthy for your organization—when done right
Image of a vibrant green succulent plant.
Organizational health is (still) the key to long-term performance
The yin and yang of organizational health
Article - McKinsey Quarterly
The yin and yang of organizational health

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