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Organizational Health Index

Put real numbers and targeted actions on organizational health

An organization’s health—its ability to align around and achieve strategic goals—is critical for long-term performance. However, many leaders overlook organizational health because they lack a clear way to measure and improve it. Organizational Health Index (OHI) applies analytical rigor to organizational health management. Our quantitative diagnostics and proven recipes for success empower senior leaders to measure and achieve the organizational health required to sustain long-term performance.


Benchmark your health

The OHI survey and benchmarking data explain up to 50% of performance variations within companies. This helps leaders analyze the impact of company practices and culture on performance, and create an implementation roadmap to improve it.

Align your organization

OHI is part of McKinsey’s organization practice, which has worked with senior leaders of the world’s top companies to make organizational health a board-level topic integrated into long-term business strategy and performance.

Drive organizational performance

OHI measures health by surveying on agreement and alignment across large, decentralized organizations to determine how different employees, business functions, geographies, etc., engage with their company’s strategic priorities.

Organizational Health Index by the numbers


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Scientific, data-driven approach

Our database of 4+ million survey responses enables us to benchmark organizational health and tie it directly to financial performance. Combined with industry and functional insights grounded in over 1 billion proprietary data points, the OHI helps organizations pinpoint opportunities to improve health and drive business success.

Pioneers in organizational health

McKinsey invented the concept of organizational health 15 years ago when we challenged ourselves to go beyond traditional components like culture and climate and measure the “hard” elements that drive financial performance. 1,500+ clients and 4+ million surveys later, we’re still the leaders.

Implementation expertise

As part of McKinsey’s global organization practice, we bring a deep understanding of your business and industry. Our experts work side-by-side with senior leaders from the world’s top organizations to turn analysis into lasting business impact.

How it works

Determine your OHI score

The OHI score is a leading indicator of sustained performance. It measures organizational health relative to our global benchmark, synthesizing nine organizational effectiveness outcomes driven by 37 management practices based on frequent behaviors.

Identify your recipe for success

Our 15+ years of research show that the healthiest organizations align strongly with one of our proprietary recipes for success, each of which reflects an underlying approach to managing high-performing organizations. The four recipes are rooted in core beliefs about value creation, empowering leaders to focus on their organizations’ most relevant path to success.

Plan and execute your org health journey

Our proven organizational health methodology goes beyond surveys. We take your organization’s OHI score and recipe for success, and use them to help you plan and execute a change program that leads to sustainable organizational health. Our implementation experts work with you to define health aspirations, embed them into core business processes, and measure and manage progress over time.
13% increase in volume for an EMEA automobile manufacturer

Our impact

13% increase in volume

for an EMEA automobile manufacturer

40% of target achieved for APAC telecom carrier within 9 months of OHI implementation

40% of target achieved

for APAC telecom carrier within 9 months of OHI implementation

Up to 3X

total return to shareholders

2X greater

ROIC compared to companies with lower health

18% increase


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