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How OHI works

The OHI score is a leading indicator of your organization’s ability to achieve sustained performance. It measures organizational health based on our proprietary organizational effectiveness outcomes and management practices.


OHI score

Your OHI score compares the overall health of your organization to our database of 1,700+ organizations. It is an accurate predictor of your organization’s future performance potential. Companies with top quartile health deliver on average 3x greater Total Return to Shareholders, over time.


health outcomes

Every organization can be measured against the 9 most critical health outcomes. These outcomes comprise both the “soft” and “hard” elements of an organization’s ecosystem.


management practices

The OHI not only measures where you are now, but helps you determine what to do next. Our management practices help you identify which behaviors matter most for your organizational health journey, and select a recipe for success to pursue them.

The OHI Diagnostic Framework

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Identify your recipe for success

Our 15+ years of research show that the healthiest companies align with one of four proprietary recipes. Each recipe consists of concrete management practices and activities for the organization to adopt. We help organizations identify and align to the recipe that is right for them, ensuring improvement efforts are focused and impactful.

Leadership Factory

Develop and enable strong leaders through coaching, formal training, and the right growth opportunities. The Leadership Factory attracts, develops, and retains top performers that can manage and assess risk.

Market Shaper

Disrupt the market with customer-focused innovation. The Market Shaper has a deep understanding of its customers and competitors, and can deliver industry-shaping innovation with discipline and agility.

Continuous Improvement Engine

Empower employees at all levels to drive performance and innovation. The Continuous Improvement Engine is a learning organization focused on leveraging its own employees’ insights and knowledge to gain a competitive advantage.

Talent/Knowledge Core

Create value by acquiring and inspiring top talent. The Talent/Knowledge Core devotes significant resources to creating an organization that fosters intrinsic motivation through professional development opportunities, knowledge sharing, and rewards and recognition.

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