Build a better organization and make the change stick

In high-performing organizations, dynamic teams address top priorities with the right talent in the right roles. But creating that kind of workplace requires understanding where value really comes from and ensuring the right work is being done in the right structure. OrgLab offers a powerful platform for designing a better organization and then guiding the steps needed to make lasting change.


Talent to value

We put value at the center of operating model work, identifying the most critical roles throughout the organization and ensuring that top talent is deployed where it matters.

Smart delayering

Our advanced analytics highlight opportunities to optimize spans of control and reduce excessive layers, empowering efficient management and faster decision making.

Team effectiveness

We employ tools to visualize the teams within an organization, quickly identifying capability and capacity gaps and identifying opportunities to make teamwork more efficient.

OrgLab by the numbers



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Why OrgLab

Powerful, collaborative technology

Our elegant drag-and-drop interface enables smarter, faster organizational design. With multiple-user access, OrgLab makes it easy to collaboratively design and cascade transformations.

Data safeguards

OrgLab employs cyber-security best-practices and technologies to protect company and personal data, working seamlessly with multiple HR information systems.

Deep expertise

Our dedicated OrgLab experts bring extensive experience in every aspect of organizational effectiveness, from de-duping personnel data to designing agile organizations and writing detailed job descriptions.

Our Impact

$18 million savings and stock-value boost

for a media company by building talent and workforce planning capabilities that solved a gap of more than 1,500 workers

$65 million in value capture

for a merger between two IT-solution and network-management providers by implementing a detailed, efficient organization design

Want to learn more about how OrgLab can help your organization?

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