Design and implement a winning organizational structure

Designing an effective, high-performing organization is hard. It requires an integrated and accurate view of the organization, the ability to visualize massive amounts of data, and a way to collaborate across silos all the way down to the individual job description. OrgLab solves this problem with a cutting-edge blend of data management, visualization technology, and design expertise.


Clean data

Our expert team aggregates, tests, and cleans people data from across multiple HR systems, often providing the first-ever accurate and comprehensive view of the organization.

Rapid design

Our collaborative tool enables individuals across the organization to efficiently evaluate design options side-by-side against relevant criteria using real-time analytics.

Optimized org structure

Our advanced analytics highlight opportunities to streamline the organization by optimizing spans of control and reducing excessive layers.

OrgLab by the numbers



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Why OrgLab

Powerful, collaborative technology

Our elegant drag-and-drop interface enables smarter, faster organizational design. With multiple-user access, OrgLab makes it easy to collaboratively design and cascade the transformation.


OrgLab works seamlessly with multiple HR information systems so clients can start designing quickly, without getting bogged down in a lengthy data integration project.

Deep expertise

Our dedicated OrgLab experts bring extensive experience in every aspect of organizational effectiveness, from de-duping personnel data to designing agile organizations to writing detailed job descriptions.

Our Impact

$100M+ cost savings

for a semiconductor manufacturer by optimizing spans and layers and rapid re-design to create a product-focused org structure.

20% increase in managerial span

and improved org structural efficiency for an Asian bank through consistent design, footprint consolidation, and optimized spans.

Want to learn more about how OrgLab can help your organization?

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