Bring science to the art of organization

OrgSolutions applies data and rigor to the most important organizational decisions.

Sustained performance depends more than ever on the ability to manage, align, and grow organizations. Too often, critical organizational decisions are made on the basis of instinct and personal bias. OrgSolutions solves that problem by bringing “hard” data, analytics, and technology to the “soft” art of organizational leadership.

Our offerings

Organizational Health Index

Put hard numbers and improvement actions on your organization’s health


Design and implement a winning organizational structure

People Analytics

Use advanced analytics to make better talent decisions

Talent Match

Put the right talent in the best roles to create the most value

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Why OrgSolutions

Proprietary data

Our insights and recommendations are grounded in over 1 billion proprietary data points from more than 1,700 organizations around the world.

Cutting-edge technology

Our powerful technologies enable senior leaders to visualize, analyze, and optimize for long-term performance.


Our ~430 global experts work side-by-side with senior leaders from the world's top organizations to turn analysis into lasting business impact.


Up to 3x higher

stock market performance

Up to 50% reduction

in voluntary attrition

15-30% reduction

in management-layer costs

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Featured Insights

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Attracting and retaining the right talent

– The best workers do the best and the most work. But many companies do an awful job of finding and keeping them.

What every leader needs to know about organizational management

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