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Podcast - McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Mobility

A guide to investing in Black economic mobility

– Large segments of the Black population in the United States are underserved on a range of socioeconomic dimensions. Here’s... how impact investors can help close that gap.
Executive Briefing

Sustainable and inclusive growth: A weekly briefing

– Innovative new designs could accelerate the construction of nuclear power plants. Our weekly digest of McKinsey insights explores... that topic and more.

Agile transformation in heavy industries: An interview with SOCAR Türkiye

– SOCAR Türkiye’s senior leaders share their experience of large-scale agile transformation to achieve cross-functional... collaboration.

What’s your superpower? How companies can build an institutional capability to achieve competitive advantage

– One capability often sets leading companies apart from the rest. Here’s how to build yours.

Women Matter, Spain: Women are still far from top corporate-leadership positions

– Women are well represented in the country’s workforce but are relatively scarce at the top—and that won’t change... anytime soon given current promotion trends. Yet companies can act to turn the tide.

Navigating the gray-to-green transition in aerospace and defense

– The aerospace and defense industry is transitioning from an older to younger workforce, but it faces intense competition for talent.... It needs a radical response.

Beyond the anecdote: True drivers of digital-delivery performance

– We’ve leveraged data from more than 1,700 teams to understand the relationship between capabilities and performance outcomes.

Driving growth in consumer goods through programmatic M&A

– Companies that take a programmatic approach to M&A deals outperform their peers, but this strategy requires differentiated... capabilities and effective execution.

What is decision making?

– Decision making is simply the process of making a choice. But decision making often isn’t easy and can be particularly complex... in an organizational context.

Author Talks: IBM’s Ginni Rometty on leading with ‘good power’

– Ginni Rometty shares her strategies for managing conflict, finding growth in discomfort, and remaining grounded in ambition to... make you proud of not only what you do, but how you do it.
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