About Aaron

Aaron De Smet is a partner in McKinsey’s Houston office and leads our work on organization design in the Americas. Aaron has counseled senior executives in more than a dozen major transformations and is an expert on organizational health, leadership development, and cultural change.

Much of Aaron’s work focuses on helping large distributed healthcare or science-based companies to achieve operational improvements. He serves clients across a number of industries, including healthcare services and health solutions, chemicals and advanced materials, agriculture, biotech, and pharmaceuticals.

Aaron’s recent projects include helping a leading healthcare institution to restructure and improve its governance; building change management skills among managers and change agents at a large chemical company undergoing a multi-year performance transformation; and advising a utility company on the development and implementation of a major organizational redesign to reduce costs, improve customer service, and maximize scale benefits.

Before joining McKinsey, Aaron worked at a number of other consultancies and as an independent consultant, and served as a research associate at the Institute for Behavior Resources. He has a PhD in social and organizational psychology from Columbia University, where he specialized in organizational dynamics, culture, human resource management, leadership effectiveness, and strategic change. He also has a master’s degree in organizational psychology and an MBA.

Aaron is a prolific writer on organizational topics and has published many articles in McKinsey Quarterly and elsewhere.

Published work

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Columbia University
PhD, social and organizational psychology

Columbia University
MPhil, organizational psychology

Southern Oregon University
MBA, management and finance

Southern Oregon University
BS, psychology