Drive lasting improvement in performance and organizational health

Companies with healthy cultures outperform those that don’t. When change programs fail (as one in three do), the reason is typically related to people and culture. Fostering a healthy culture can be the ultimate competitive advantage in a world where business models are easily replicated. But many leaders don’t feel they have the ability to shift an organization’s deepest practices and beliefs in an effective, sustainable way.

Our holistic, rigorous approach delivers business value by building cultures of continuous improvement and shaping successful change programs. Deep expertise, data analytics, and a proven framework helps leaders more than double their odds of delivering successful change at scale. We set clear goals and determine how the organization can achieve them. We tap organizational networks to drive progress, and we make change personal—shifting mindsets and motivating new behaviors at the individual level. The result is a more future-proofed organization with a culture that can sustain superior performance.

What we do

Benchmark organizational health

We apply proprietary diagnostics for a fact-based measurement of health and use the results to identify the right path forward for an organization to align, execute, and renew faster than the competition.

Shift culture to boost performance

We make stronger performance sustainable by addressing individual and collective behaviors—including culture, mindsets, capabilities, and team and group dynamics—and implement interventions to build skills and shift mindsets.

Guide transformational change

We deliver far-reaching change efforts across five stages: setting aspirations, assessing readiness, architecting a portfolio of initiatives, actively managing the program, and supporting continuous improvement.


total return to shareholders

for companies with top quartile healthy cultures


more likely

to achieve successful transformation by engaging key influencers


increase in EBITDA

after one year of active work on organizational health initiatives

Featured Capabilities

Complementary to our expertise and knowledge, we offer proprietary analytics-powered digital solutions to manage performance and health with precision and support effective transformations.

Organizational Health Index: Applies analytical rigor to organizational health management by offering quantitative diagnostics and proven recipes for success, enabling the factors required to sustain long-term performance.

Inspire Individuals: Communicates organizational health priorities and helps accelerate behavior change across all levels of the organization by providing personalized content for each employee, real-time feedback for management, and continuous progress tracking for leadership.

Ability to Execute: Enables change at scale through a suite of foundational capability-building programs that instill the necessary behaviors and mindsets to unlock an organization’s full potential.

Inclusion Assessment: Provides a data-driven approach to measure workplace inclusion and build targeted, actionable plans to reduce inequity.

Influencer: Identifies and engages key people at all levels within an organization to send targeted communications through informal networks, driving greater impact from culture and change programs.

Examples of our work

Rebuilding for a healthy organization

A global auto manufacturer was experiencing lagging performance and job losses while adjusting to new ownership. We helped design and drive a five-year change program that moved organizational health scores into the top quartile and allowed the company to hire more than 10,000 new employees.

Shifting mindsets to drive performance

The engineering and product development divisions at an industrial company faced competitive pressure on cost, innovation, and time to market. By shifting mindsets and pursuing talent development, we helped surpass performance aspirations, improving productivity by 15 percent and reducing product testing costs by 20 percent.

Cascading strategy and capabilities to capture value

After a health services company completed a challenging merger, we shaped a comprehensive three-year strategy that included building new capabilities across the organization and an operating model redesign. Within eight months, organizational health scores increased by 20 points and stock value rebounded.

Featured Experts

Carolyn Dewar
Senior Partner, Bay Area
Delivers large-scale performance-improvement programs that foster culture change and counsels senior executives making leadership...
Ben Fletcher
Senior Partner, Sydney
Brings deep expertise in commercial transformation topics, including strategic marketing and marketing & sales organisation design
Arne Gast
Senior Partner, Amsterdam
Offers extensive global expertise in leadership development, organizational design, talent management, and transformational change
Rebecca Kaetzler
Partner, Frankfurt
Brings deep expertise in merger management and performance transformation to help executives manage culture, change, and organizational...
Rajesh Krishnan
Partner, New York
Leads enterprise-wide transformations efforts that focus on performance and health, helping organizations deliver lasting improvements...
Amadeo Di Lodovico
Senior Partner, Dubai
Serves leading companies in energy, industrial, conglomerates, and governments on strategic topics, operational and organizational...
John C. W. Parsons
Senior Partner, Calgary
Transforms large industrial sites and organizations by implementing the latest performance-based approaches and leveraging the...
Bill Schaninger
Senior Partner, Philadelphia
Designs and manages large-scale organizational transformations, strengthening business performance through enhanced culture, values,...
Rob Theunissen
Partner, Amsterdam
Helps companies succeed in transformational change by defining new strategies, improving organizational health, promoting culture...
Brooke Weddle
Partner, Washington DC
Drives lasting change at scale for global organizations through digital transformation, operating-model redesign, enterprise agility,...

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