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Bill Schaninger

Since joining McKinsey, in 2000, Bill, a senior partner based in Philadelphia, has focused his work on spurring large-scale organizational and cultural change for diverse clients across Europe, the Middle East, and North America. An expert on the role of culture, values, and leadership in improving business outcomes, he helps top executives enhance organization-wide management effectiveness by assessing organizational health and leading initiatives to improve it. He also brings strong experience in strategic human resources, helping organizations understand how to create world-class talent systems and winning workforce dynamics.

Bryan Hancock

Since joining McKinsey in 2001, Bryan, a partner based in Washington DC, has focused his work on helping organizations find and develop talent. Bryan serves a wide-range of talent-intensive businesses, including leading employers in retail, healthcare, advanced industries, and staffing. In addition, Bryan is committed to help connect people to opportunity. Bryan has served a wide-range of public and social sector clients—including those focused on education and workforce development—and he represents McKinsey on the Rework America Business Network.

Emily Field

Since joining McKinsey, in 2017, Emily, a partner based in Seattle, has teamed up with leaders across industries to shape data-based organizational strategies designed to achieve business objectives, establish talent management as a distinctive advantage, and secure the human resources function as a leading creator of business value. Emily puts particular emphasis on establishing a talent-first approach, instilling a high-performance culture, and adopting effective people-analytics approaches.

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