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Chris Bradley

McKinsey Global Institute Director and Senior PartnerSydney

Leads research on global economic, business, and tech trends and works on strategic transformations for organizations across sectors

Chris serves as a director of the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), where he leads research on the economic and business issues most critical to the world’s companies and policy leaders. He brings insights from a wide repertoire of industries and more than 20 years McKinsey experience. He previously led McKinsey’s Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice in Asia-Pacific.

Chris helps major institutions make big moves in response to new industry dynamics through enterprise-wide strategic transformation programs. His recent client work spans media, banking, retail, consumer packaged goods, and telecommunications. In recent years, the overriding theme of this work is helping leading companies meet the challenge of digital disruption, face threats, and lean into opportunities through business model transformation.

Chris leads research on global and Asia-Pacific trends with a focus on productivity and growth, economic development, new arenas of competition, and the energy transition. His recent publications include Pixels of Progress, which presents a high-resolution view of the world’s journey of human development over the past 20 years, and On the Cusp of a new era?, offering a historical view on the structural tectonics that reshaped today's world, and how they might play out across five domains: the world order, technology platforms, demographic forces, resource and energy systems, and capitalization.

He is the coauthor of the internationally best-selling book Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick (John Wiley & Sons, 2018), and his reports, strategy articles, and blogs have received more than two million downloads.

Chris is a passionate guitar player, skier, and adventure motorcyclist.


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London School of Economics
MS, economics

University of New South Wales, Sydney
MS, mathematics
BComm, finance