In this new report, we share the findings from a new dataset that breaks the world down into more than 40,000 microregions, a view 230 times more granular than a country perspective. This pixelated version of the world, compiled with cutting-edge statistical techniques like the use of night-time satellite imagery, provides a much more nuanced view of development than previous research, enhancing our understanding of global progress in ways that can help business and governments make better, more targeted decisions.

Below are links to the six chapters of the report, which provide a detailed look at the rich findings and insights on the development of human health and economic prosperity over the last 20 years.

For a guided visual summary, watch the video featuring one of the authors, Chris Bradley.


More about Pixels of Progress

For a detailed explanation of the data sources and methodology to produce this report, see our Technical Appendix.


We are indebted to McKinsey Global Publishing for designing and developing the interactives that make this narrative come alive. The development of this interactive experience was led by Nayomi Chibana with support from Sean Conrad, Dan Spector, and Amy Swan. The collaborative team also included Vanessa Burke, Zac Enco, Paromita Ghosh, Stephen Landau, Charmaine Rice, Diane Rice, Dana Sand, and Katie Shearer.

The authors wish to thank Carolyne Barker, Jérôme Heymans, Ruth Hütte, Regina Israel Atance, Mekala Krishnan, Ekaterina Kruglova, Maciej Latocha, Benjamin Meindl, Jali Packer, Sara Rasul, Faustine Rosoor, Nicolai Sprenger, and Maricruz Vargas.