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Christoph Schmitz

Senior Partner, Frankfurt
Helps chemical- and automotive-industry companies transform operations, design better operating and organizational models, develop winning strategies, and efficiently manage mergers and acquisitions

About Christoph

Christoph leads McKinsey’s global work in manufacturing and supply chain and is a core member of the global Chemicals Practice. He serves as managing partner of our Frankfurt office and most often assists clients with operations-transformation programs, digital and advanced-analytics strategies, strategy development, organizational and operating-model design, supply-chain management, and sourcing. He is also an expert in merger management.

Examples of Christoph’s recent project experience include the following:

  • designing and deploying global production systems across all types of technologies—from network strategy via site diagnostics to shop-floor transformation and implementation
  • diagnosing clients for productivity-improvement opportunities supported by digital and advanced analytics (DnA) as well as designing DnA transformation journeys applying digital, advanced analytics, and robotics—the next horizon of lean-production systems
  • redesigning and implementing new operating models, from organizational models to people systems and cultural change
  • supporting clients on acquisition and integration management, from target screening all the way through to capturing synergies
  • helping commodities and specialty-chemicals companies on business-unit-strategy development, including designing commodity operating systems

Published work

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University of Bayreuth
PhD, chemistry