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Marc de Jong

Senior PartnerAmsterdam

Focuses on strategy, innovation, and transformation in technology-intensive industries and leads strategy-transformation services in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East

Marc serves clients in technology-related industries on strategy, innovation, and transformation. He coleads McKinsey’s digital and analytics activities for the global Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice as well as strategy-transformation services in Europe. Prior to this work, Marc led McKinsey’s Strategy Analytics Center, shaping digital and analytics tools and services with a global team of about 100 professionals. Before that, he led the firm’s innovation work.

Marc has published a multitude of articles on innovation and strategy, including “The eight essentials of innovation,” McKinsey’s core perspective on this area, with more than 600,000 downloads.

Marc joined McKinsey in 1998, Marc moved in 2001 to the firm’s Palo Alto office, serving technology leaders in Silicon Valley. In 2002, he moved back to Amsterdam, where he hosts the Chief Strategy Officer Roundtable and cofacilitates the Board Academy.

Prior to joining McKinsey, Marc held several positions in a multinational conglomerate corporation’s research division, where he wrote 40 articles that appeared in leading scientific journals.

Published work

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University of Leiden
PhD, physics

Delft University of Technology
MSc, applied physics