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Closing the data gaps in women’s health

– Life sciences innovation and healthcare advancement depend on data. Today’s data fails to offer a complete picture of women’s health. What can be done?

How biotech and collaboration can enable sustainable animal production

– Animal production will continue to play an important role in feeding a growing world population. Biotechnology can help make it... more sustainable, supporting a global path to net zero.

Top ten observations from 2022 in life sciences digital and analytics

– Life sciences companies are making progress in adopting and deploying digital and analytics. But they can go further and faster... by heeding some lessons from the past few years.

Accelerating customer-centric innovation in medtech

– Investing in understanding the needs of customers and the healthcare ecosystem in the early stages of innovation can boost performance... and reduce the risk of failure.

Five ways biopharma companies can navigate the deal landscape

– The biopharma investment landscape is changing. Companies that grasp recent macro trends in dealmaking and how they affect deal... success could position themselves well for attractive opportunities.

Steadfast but nimble: CEO Christi Shaw on cancer treatment’s cutting edge

– Kite’s CEO discusses the company’s CAR T-cell therapies and what it means to put patients first.
Interview - McKinsey Health Institute

‘Stay grounded, stay humble’: Sanofi CEO Paul Hudson

– In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the first non-French leaders of the pharmaceutical company Sanofi explains cultural... transformations, the growth of AI in decision making, and how he stays humble.

Europe’s Bio Revolution: Biological innovations for complex problems

– Advances in biological science could help the world overcome its most pressing challenges in health and sustainability. Europe’s... Bio Revolution could translate scientific strengths into impact.

AI for medtech commercial growth: Five missteps to avoid

– Medtech companies are looking to AI and advanced analytics to help retool their commercial models to meet customers’ evolving... expectations—but common misunderstandings can delay progress.

Special collection

Future of pharma operations

Pharma companies are experiencing a wave of innovations – from new treatment modalities, to smart machines, advanced analytics, and digital connectivity. This selection of articles presents strategies and insights to capitalize on these innovations and advance quality, efficiency, resilience, and workforce agility in pharma operations.

Coronavirus vaccines progress: What’s next?

The rapid development of the COVID-19 vaccines is having a profound effect on the world. This collection takes a closer look at the development, rollout and future of vaccines.

McKinsey insights on cell and gene therapy

Continuing advances in cell and gene therapy (CGT) are transforming how biopharma companies treat and potentially cure certain diseases. Browse our collection of articles for an in-depth look at the opportunities, challenges, and implications for stakeholders in this fast-evolving field, and explore how McKinsey’s new Digital Capability Center for Cell and Gene Therapy will help biopharma companies accelerate digital transformations in manufacturing and the journey to operational excellence. Contact us to learn more.

The rise of health technology

Health technology continues to push the boundaries of how healthcare is delivered and has the power to create breakthroughs in our understanding of disease. This collection of articles and interviews explores the evolving role of health technology in the life-sciences sector and implications for key stakeholders. Contact us to learn more about our work in this field.

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Meeting changing consumer needs: The US retail pharmacy of the future

– In the face of industry headwinds, pharmacies can work to make the most of their distinct advantages to meet shifting consumer... needs.

Treating rare diseases: How digital technologies can drive innovation

– Pharmaceutical companies are using recent advances in digital technologies to improve care strategies and provide hope for rare... disease patients across thousands of different rare diseases.

Uncovering untreated heart disease with AI and big data: A conversation with egnite’s Joel Portice and Edwards Lifesciences’ Don Bobo

– Two executives behind a cutting-edge healthcare start-up discuss their goal to drastically reduce the number of misdiagnosed and... at-risk heart patients through a revolutionary digital platform.

Life sciences technology insights: Scaling a product and platform model

– Most life sciences companies are experimenting with product and platform models that speed delivery of user-focused technology... but struggle to truly scale. Six actions can accelerate the transition.

Innovating via constraints: An interview with CSL’s Bill Mezzanotte

– Despite a relatively small R&D budget, CSL has produced a steady stream of innovative products on diverse strategic platforms.... The company’s R&D head, Bill Mezzanotte, explains how.

Women in the healthcare industry: An update

– Although healthcare continues to outpace other industries in the representation, hiring, and advancement of women, the latest... data show there is still plenty of room for improvement.

How medtechs can meet industry demand for omnichannel engagement

– A McKinsey survey of more than 1,900 medtech leaders shows that their customers want more omnichannel engagement. We describe... five ways medtech companies can respond.

Upgrading medtech commercial operations in China

– Growth in China’s buoyant medtech market is tapering as policy uncertainties persist. Five approaches to refocus commercial... operations can help navigate these challenges.

From bench to bedside: Transforming R&D labs through automation

– Laboratory technology has been a steady runner in the world of pharmaceuticals, rather than a racing star—until now. A series... of innovations points toward exponential gains in R&D productivity.

Making the leap from R&D to fully integrated biotech for first launch

– Many biotechs struggle with growing pains as they near their first product launch. The transition to commercial success may require... shifts in organization, processes, capabilities, and mindsets.

Fast to first-in-human: Getting new medicines to patients more quickly

– Preclinical development can benefit from advances to accelerate innovation, unlock value, and improve quality.
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