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Innovation sourcing in biopharma: Four practices to maximize success

– Biopharma companies’ pipelines are full of assets they source externally to access innovation. Four practices will help ensure their investments flourish at a time of fierce competition.

Advanced tech elevates process modeling in batch-processing industries

– In high-volume batch-processing industries, reliable models of manufacturing processes can help companies cut production costs... while improving quality and performance.

What are the biotech investment themes that will shape the industry?

– From 2019 to 2021, venture capitalists plowed $35 billion into biotech companies with advanced platform technologies that could... transform the industry.

How digital helps a life sciences leader move at light speed

– Pfizer’s Chief Digital and Technology Officer explains how digital is transforming her organization’s ability to bring... new medicines to patients at speed and at scale.

How biotechs can rethink their strategies after the market downturn

– Biotech stocks have taken a hit, but the sector will probably rebound. Companies can navigate the downturn by scrutinizing cash... management and financing and rethinking paths to long-term value creation.

Accelerating growth in medtech: The next surge in portfolio moves

– Large medtech companies are struggling with growth challenges and stagnant valuations. Could M&A and divestitures reset the... trajectory?

Transforming biopharma R&D at scale

– Transformations often struggle to scale up and make change stick. To achieve lasting impact, high-performing R&D organizations... pay heed to the five outcomes that matter most.

Driving digital transformation in healthcare: An interview with Dr. Pius S. Hornstein, Country Chair Sanofi Greater China

Reflections on Sanofi’s digital transformation journey in China


Building a global biotech: Taking a first-time launch into international markets

– Establishing an international presence with a first launch is a challenge, but learning from others’ experiences can help... biotechs avoid missteps and maximize their chances of success.

Special collection

Future of pharma operations

Pharma companies are experiencing a wave of innovations – from new treatment modalities, to smart machines, advanced analytics, and digital connectivity. This selection of articles presents strategies and insights to capitalize on these innovations and advance quality, efficiency, resilience, and workforce agility in pharma operations. Contact us to learn more.

Coronavirus vaccines progress: What’s next?

The rapid development of the COVID-19 vaccines is having a profound effect on the world. This collection takes a closer look at the development, rollout and future of vaccines.

McKinsey insights on cell and gene therapy

Continuing advances in cell and gene therapy (CGT) are transforming how biopharma companies treat and potentially cure certain diseases. Browse our collection of articles for an in-depth look at the opportunities, challenges, and implications for stakeholders in this fast-evolving field, and explore how McKinsey’s new Digital Capability Center for Cell and Gene Therapy will help biopharma companies accelerate digital transformations in manufacturing and the journey to operational excellence. Contact us to learn more.

The rise of health technology

Health technology continues to push the boundaries of how healthcare is delivered and has the power to create breakthroughs in our understanding of disease. This collection of articles and interviews explores the evolving role of health technology in the life-sciences sector and implications for key stakeholders. Contact us to learn more about our work in this field.

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‘We want to build the healthcare ecosystem of choice’

– Over the last three years, the Zur Rose Group has been undergoing a transformation to become a true digital company. Walter Hess,... the new CEO of the group, which operates healthcare platforms and online pharma¬≠cies—among them DocMorris—explains in our interview what he has learned along the way.

CROs and biotech companies: Fine-tuning the partnership

– Emerging biotechnology companies are less satisfied than large pharmaceutical companies with their contract research organizations... (CROs). How can CROs raise their game with this key segment?
Podcast - McKinsey Global Institute

Forward Thinking on trade, vaccines, and sustainable and inclusive growth with WTO Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

– The World Trade Organization’s first African—and first female—director-general reflects on the impact of the... pandemic on trade, the imperative to ensure that vaccines reach Africa and other emerging economies, and how to ensure that trade is more inclusive in the years ahead.

Driving sustainable, enterprise-wide performance acceleration

– Leading pharma companies are achieving rapid, large-scale performance improvements using a multifaceted approach that realizes... short-term gains and builds long-term capabilities at the same time.
Executive Briefing

COVID-19: Implications for business

– Our latest perspectives on the coronavirus outbreak, the twin threats to lives and livelihoods, and how organizations can prepare... for the next normal.

Building pharma pipelines using a socioeconomic lens

– Harnessing advances in science and technology can deliver transformative therapies faster while reducing the socioeconomic burden... of disease.

Women in healthcare and life sciences: The ongoing stress of COVID-19

– The healthcare sector is examining how to better hire and promote women to the highest levels.

Four ways to make sure your pharma manufacturing strategy delivers value

– COVID-19 disruptions have led many pharmas to reassess their manufacturing networks and strategies. We share four ways that pharma... companies can optimize manufacturing and avoid common pitfalls.

Health equity: A framework for the epidemiology of care

– Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies can unlock new opportunities, help underserved patients, and build a cycle of trust.

Generating real-world evidence at scale using advanced analytics

– As pharma companies apply advanced analytics to generate new types of evidence, how do they decide which use cases to target and... how to scale them up across the business?

Author Talks: Hacking into humanity

– In the next decade, Amy Webb predicts that synthetic biology will be as common as artificial intelligence.
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