Pharma operations:  Creating the workforce of the future

Future of pharma operations

Pharma companies are experiencing a wave of innovations – from new treatment modalities, to smart machines, advanced analytics, and digital connectivity. This selection of articles presents strategies and insights to capitalize on these innovations and advance quality, efficiency, resilience, and workforce agility in pharma operations. Contact us to learn more.

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Operations can launch the next blockbuster in pharma

– Pharma operations has long centered on avoiding missteps, especially in quality and compliance. But with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, operations could launch pharma’s next innovation blockbuster.

Four ways pharma companies can make their supply chains more resilient

– Pharmaceutical supply chains have become global and complex. With more outsourcing, new modalities, and novel ways to reach patients, it’s critical to ensure that they can withstand shocks.

Unlocking step-change improvements in biologic fermentation

– A new era for expression-system optimization has arrived, prompted by advances in genetic sequencing, editing, analytics, and automation.

Leveraging digital and analytics in biopharma operations: Six principles

– Digital and analytics is a powerful tool for transforming operational performance. To maximize its benefits, biopharma companies can follow six principles.


Digitization, automation, and online testing: Embracing smart quality control

– The smart quality approach allows pharma companies to digitize, automate, and integrate their quality controls, making them faster, more effective, and more efficient.

Making quality assurance smart

– Pharmaceutical and medtech companies can dramatically improve quality assurance processes by applying a ‘smart quality’ lens and cutting-edge technologies.

Smart quality: Reimagining the way quality works

– Pharma and medtech companies that adopt a proactive approach to managing the quality function can generate value far beyond improved regulatory compliance.

Why tech transfer may be critical to beating COVID-19

– How quickly COVID-19 vaccine production ramps up will depend on technology transfer—the capabilities and processes that can speed vaccines from development to manufacturing. Are we ready?

Pharma operations: The path to recovery and the next normal

– Pharma operations leaders have increased their focus on network risk management, agile and transparent operations, and shaping the workforce of the future in the post-COVID-19 path to recovery.

Pharma operations: Creating the workforce of the future

– Reskilling employees to address talent gaps can help a company retain the bulk of its operations workers and empower them to take advantage of a new world.

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New McKinsey center to help transform and digitally enable cell- and gene-therapy manufacturing

McKinsey Digital Capability Center for Cell and Gene Therapy joins McKinsey’s fast-growing global network of Digital Capability Centers—immersive learning environments that inspire and equip organizations in achieving digital-enabled transformations and operational excellence.