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Alexander Weiss

Senior Partner, Berlin
Alexander leads the Electrical Power and Natural Gas (EPNG) Practice in Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), and spearheaded McKinsey's global contracting initiative. Alexander also leads the German Global Energy and Materials Practice (GEM). He has worked extensively in the EMEA's in power plant construction optimization and operational improvement.

About Alexander

Alexander leads the energy group of our Electrical Power and Natural Gas (EPNG) Practice in EMEA. Beyond that he leads McKinsey's global contracting initiative. He has worked extensively in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East in power plant construction optimization and operational improvement.

Recent examples of Alexander's work include:

  • improving the capital productivity of multiple power plant new-build projects on different continents (Europe, U.S., Asia, Africa) and different technologies (coal, gas, hydro, nuclear, renewables)
  • optimizing the capital productivity of a utility's investment into its high-voltage transmission network
  • reviewing the contract management strategy of a major power plant new build project and introducing a counter claim strategy
  • improving the construction process in nuclear power plant decommissioning for a major European utility
  • developing a long-term fuel strategy for a global utility, including coal inventory, coal contracts and shipping logistics
  • developing a regulatory strategy for several European transmission grid operators (TSO)
  • creating strategies for European utilities considering all aspects of the market including regulation (feed-in tariffs, incentives, etc.)

Alexander regularly hosts round table discussions with senior business leaders, including a quarterly fireside chat with ambassadors accredited to Germany. Previously, Alexander worked for over 2 years in the patent office of a leading international high-tech company. He was also a partner at an IP consulting company. 

Published work

Five trends reshaping European power markets,” McKinsey & Company, October 2021

Revisiting European utility portfolios,” McKinsey & Company, June 2021

The new imperative for grid operators,” McKinsey & Company, September 2020


Technical University Berlin
MS, business administration/civil engineering

Technical University Berlin
PhD, civil engineering

Technical University Freiberg
PhD, business administration