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Tomasz Marciniak

Managing Partner for McKinsey in PolandWarsaw

Brings together the energy infrastructure and technology angles with hands-on execution and capability transfer experience

Tomasz is a Managing Partner for McKinsey in Poland. He is one of the Leaders of our Electric Power & Natural Gas Practice in Central Europe, and a co-leader of our work on Transmission and Distribution Service Line across the whole of Europe.

Tomasz serves clients in the power and gas-distribution, as well as the mining and fuel supply sectors. He advises senior leaders on issues including strategy, regulation, sector transition plans, renewables development, digitization, smart grid, operational transformation, asset-management optimization, and excavation-planning strategy.

Examples of his recent client projects include the following: 

  • serving a leading energy player in the Middle East on a complex performance transformation program design and end-to-end implementation
  • supporting one of the largest power utilities in Central and Eastern Europe with strategy development, including optimizing the power mix and asset portfolio and implementing the master plan
  • serving a PE-owned power grid operator on the design and implementation of its value-creation program, from M&A support, first 100-days, transformation design, rollout to execution and capability transfer
  • helping a leading German power utility with vendor due diligence, the definition of a value-creation plan, and implementation launch
  • advising a European electric-power sensors technology and equipment provider on its smart-grid and network-automation strategy
  • working with a distribution system operator to develop and implement a new integrated digital field force operations automation
  • serving one of the global digital utility leaders in designing its next level digital vision and aspiration delivery roadmap

In his years with McKinsey, Tomasz has served more than 25 different power- and gas-distribution operators in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. He has authored a range of reports including “The perspective on offshore wind power development in Poland”.

Tomasz is the partner sponsor of recruiting for McKinsey in Central Europe.

Published work

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University of Lodz
MA, economics and econometrics