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Carsten Hirschberg

Senior PartnerBerlin

Leader in the Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice across Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, partnering with leaders to set strategy, transform organizations, and deliver value, and also leads the Berlin office

Carsten’s core passion is to help clients achieve lasting impact, particularly through end-to-end digital transformations and strategy programs.

Carsten has used advanced analytics and classic consulting to help clients in many transformations and has served multiple private-equity players on company transformations, 100-day programs, due diligence, and vendor due diligence.

Examples of his recent client work include:

  • leading more than 100 due-diligence engagements, more than 15 vendor-due-diligence engagements, and more than 10 IPO engagements, across nearly all industries,
  • directing more than 20 merger-management engagements, including three-company mergers
  • supporting a digital-performance transformation that increased earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization by more than 110 percent in 18 months
  • guiding an End-to-end transformation that increased market cap to $3 billion, from $300 million, by applying digital technology and advanced analytics and by creating an agile organization
  • aiding a sales transformation that reduced working capital by €1 billion and improved earnings before interest and taxes by €300 million
  • creating a digital strategy for a global $30 billion company
  • directing the transformation of a €1 billion private-equity-portfolio company across all operations, significantly reducing costs in purchasing; selling, general, and administrative functions; and supply chain
  • leading global sales transformations, comprising headquarter strategies, country-growth strategies, and retail transformations

Carsten has advised Save the Children, the Catholic Church, and Welthungerhilfe. He lives in Berlin with his family.

Published work

The potential of microgravity: How companies across sectors can venture into space,” McKinsey & Company, June 2022


Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University

University of Münster
MA, business administration and management