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Dr. Edward Levine

Senior PartnerBay Area

Dr. Edward Levine

Senior PartnerBay Area

Serves multiple national and regional hospital networks on frontline operations transformations for both clinical and nonclinical functions, including lean efficiency improvements and total cost management

Edward has spent over 15 years working with the management teams of leading public and private-sector healthcare organizations, mainly focused on provider and health system strategy as well as cost and operations transformations. He is a leader in the firm’s knowledge development on payment innovation for providers and the implications of reform on health systems, physicians, and medical groups. He also plays a central role in health-system transformations, focusing on clinical operations, lean efficiency improvement, and total cost management.

Edward recently supported over ten freestanding children’s hospitals on strategic and capital planning, local market growth strategy, academic affiliation, partnerships and transactions, and managed-care strategy. He developed a private-sector “accountable care organization” that unified the interests of a major health system, a large independent practice association medical group, and a regional Blues health plan, using a shared risk model to better serve a large employer purchasing group representing state and local government health beneficiaries. And finally, he recently served several regional health plans on issues of provider (hospital and physician) incentives and structures to promote total cost of care mitigation.

Edward was also a Howard Hughes Medical Institute research fellow at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda during his medical school training.

Published work

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Past experience

UCSF Medical Center
Clinical fellow

qID content developer

UCSF Medical Center


University of California San Diego

Stanford University
BS, biological sciences