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Hauke Engel

Partner, Frankfurt
Partner in McKinsey's Sustainability Practice. Leads work on climate change globally and supports businesses across sectors with challenges involving strategy and sustainability

About Hauke

Hauke helps automotive OEMs and energy companies to navigate and shape the e-mobility transition and advises clients across sectors on the impacts of climate change.

Examples of his recent client work include the following:

  • helping a recycling company to assess the social and economic value it generates, including impacts on human health and the ecosystem
  • supporting a nongovernmental organization with an economic valuation of the world’s oceans and the derivation of levers to maximize the sustainable value of fisheries and other resources
  • advising an automotive supplier on its hydrogen fuel-cell strategy, including a review of the full H2 value chain
  • working with a petrol-station operator to review opportunities for entering the electric-vehicle charging market

In addition to his client work, Hauke undertakes extensive research and knowledge-building programs within McKinsey. He leads a major study on the socioeconomic impacts of climate change and the ways that decision makers can recognize and prepare for them.

In other research, Hauke codeveloped McKinsey’s perspective on the global energy landscape, including power supply, evolving technological landscape, underlying drivers, and an integrated model of global supply and demand. He has also devised methods to combine deforestation mitigation with economic development, and he has investigated the organizational practices that enable companies to become leaders in corporate sustainability.

Selected published work

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Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
PhD, physics

University of Oxford
MA, physics