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Combines broad cross-sector experience with decades of service to clients in value creation, corporate strategy, capital-markets issues, and M&A transactions

Tim is a core leader of the Corporate Finance Practice. During his more than 28 years of consulting, Tim has served clients globally on value creation, corporate strategy, capital-markets issues, and M&A transactions.

Tim is the lead author of Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies. This book—now in its seventh edition—has sold more than 800,000 copies; it is used as a textbook at top business schools such as Wharton School, University of Chicago, MIT, INSEAD, Tuck School of Business, and Northwestern University. Tim is also the lead author of Value: The Four Cornerstones of Corporate Finance, which aims to help senior executives, board members, and nonfinancial executives to understand the linkages between strategic decisions and value creation, as well as to have the courage to focus on true value creation rather than the latest fads and misconceptions.

Examples of his work:

  • corporate strategy: global chemical company, leading diversified industrial company, global agricultural-products company, leading European transportation company, leading specialty pharmaceutical company, European oil and gas company
  • acquisitions/divestitures: global consumer packaged goods, global technology company, leading medical-device company, global chemical company, leading US media company
  • capital structure/share repurchase: global diversified industrial company, global insurance-services company, global information provider
  • investor strategy/communications: global chemical company, European oil and gas company
  • risk management: European energy company, US energy-services company

Tim leads McKinsey's Strategy & Trend Analysis Center, our firm's hub for financial and capital-market analysis and valuation. The group helps clients identify and prioritize value-creating corporate strategies and understand how their shares are valued by the stock market. He also leads our corporate-finance and capital-markets research, including the development and maintenance of our corporate-performance database.

Additionally, Tim is the founder of McKinsey on Finance, our quarterly publication of McKinsey's research on corporate finance. He has written extensively on valuation and capital-markets issues, including articles for the Harvard Business Review and other publications.

Before joining McKinsey, Tim was a vice president at Stern Stewart & Company, a leading value-based management-advisory firm, where he helped develop key financial-analytical tools and software. He has also lectured at business schools, such as the University of Chicago, Northwestern, Tuck, Yale, and INSEAD.

Tim serves as chairman of the board of Pathways to College and is a trustee of Hampshire College.


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Past experience

Stern Stewart & Company
Vice president


University of Chicago

Loyola Marymount University
BS, economics and accounting