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Ezra Greenberg

Partner, Stamford
Helps clients develop strategies to capitalize on trends and disruptions affecting businesses and industries, drawing on deep expertise in macroeconomics and investment strategy

About Ezra

Ezra leads McKinsey’s work on trends and global forces within the Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice. He serves strategic organizations and investors in the shipping, ports, and building-products sectors. He is also a leader of the firm’s institutional-investor work, focusing on investment strategy, portfolio construction, and due diligence. Ezra helps clients identify and align their strategies with critical macrotrends that are shaping the economy.

Examples of his recent client projects include the following:

  • helping a top building-products manufacturer develop M&A themes and a capital-allocation plan to execute a corporate strategy, emphasizing trends and disruptions that drive opportunities
  • developing and implementing a growth strategy for a top three US roofing manufacturer
  • developing a top three US building-products distributor’s strategy for growth and digital innovation, including new business model approaches to growth
  • evaluating how shifting global trade flows affect the value of a leading North American port system and global shipping-container-leasing company
  • building a long-term strategic perspective on global trade flows for a top five container-shipping line
  • assessing the impact of potential changes in US tax and trade policies on the supply chain and customers for clients across industries
  • developing growth strategies by identifying key opportunities generated by global trends and technology disruptions

In his first ten years with McKinsey, Ezra was a senior fellow at the McKinsey Global Institute, leading the development of the firm’s global macroscenarios during the global financial crisis. He cofounded the North American Knowledge Center, a McKinsey center of excellence for research and advanced analytics. He has also worked in the investment industry, spending three years at a global hedge fund.

Published work

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Past experience

Bridgewater Associates
COO, client service content pillar

Standard & Poor’s DRI
Principal Economist


McGill University
BA, economics